Thursday, January 19, 2006

OK, I just saw the new NDP ad with former Liberals who say things like "I felt tricked by the liberal party."

And again I'm seeing the same problem at the core of the NDP's structure that has been dogging them for a while. Eveyrone in the ad seems helpless and powerless and sounding like victims. This was probably done to somehow stress how awful it is that the Liberals aren't doing what they promised. But the overarching fear people have about the NDP is that their vote won't count for anything, and that the NDP representatives won't be effective. Painting NDP voters as unsure of themselves sends people the message that voting NDP is for disaffected wimps.

Any political consultant worth their paycheque would tell them to put some gruff, manly farmers and auto workers into those ads. And have them talk like they're kicking the Liberals' ass, not wimpering from having received an ass kicking.

COnvey the message that voting is doing something, and people will do it. Advertizing is about instilling the illusion of empowerment. And voting is about real empowerment, so a well-executed ad that speaks to people's inner dissatisfaction without turning them off could have tremendous results.
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By al - 4:22 a.m. |

"Real empowerment." Snerk.
Hi Alex

The ads had no effect on my thin king, I'm voting Bloc, but just to be a brat.

I won't be the only brat with their vote on, come Monday, either.

hi Mia! :)

If it weren't for the whole separatism thing the bloc would be my choice too.
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