Monday, January 16, 2006

Just My Luck

Weekend was pretty interesting as it panned out quite different that expected. Went over to the Island to play some hockey and play some D&D. I was having a pretty good hockey tour except for the injuries. Blocked a shot, it nails me in finger where there is no padding. Busted a blood vein, can't feel my finger because of poor blood circulation, from the knuckle to the end of that finger is swollen black/blue. Blocked another shot off the side of the skate. Left foot is brusied and swollen, having some problems walking. Third blocked shot, off the cup. It stung for a while, but at least piece of equipment works. On the offensive side, trying to screen the goaltender, missed the tip and got a puck in the arm, again no padding there either. It's a bit tender, but the other injuries hurt more so I don't notice it.

Found a XBox 360 premium system package at the Walmart in Summerside. So I picked it up along with DOA4. Opened it up at Jody's place when we got back. Found out it was a returned unit. It's missing all the manuals, XBox Live trial subscription, and the batteries for the controller died after about an hour of use. Not exactly happy about the whole used feeling especially since I paid full price for it.

Well, D&D was good.

By Ming - 2:17 p.m. |

yikes. that's not good (the x-box situation). someone was definitely not doing their job.

i hope you returned it and got a new one!
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