Monday, August 29, 2005

Bland on Bland

Had one of those boring but kind of nice weekends. Yesterday I visited a friend for a bit, got to play with her cats. God I miss having a cat around. I never feel quite as comfortable as I do just sitting there with my hand out as a cat comes over and inspects you for a while, and then decides you're alright, and comes up to be petted. I always feel like I can completely understand a cat's entire chain of thoughts. Something just feels right inside me when there's a cat around.

After that we went down to a barbecue that some of Pants' old acquaintances from up West were at (also neighbours of Sabrina and old friends of her and her sister and brother-in-law, it's all a big wide incestuous circle that I'm not really part of.) It was lots of fun, really good food, the gar-b-q (video/avi of a fireball taken by Sabrina). It was kind of fun to just sit on this little van seat and observe the interaction between a group of old, great friends — how well they all got along, how easily they could tell when one was about to jump on the other one and wrestle them to the ground. One of those groups where you can tell that there's a whole unspoken language between them. It didn't bug me at all to be on the edge of it, either, it was really nice to watch.

Today I went up to the grandparents' place so that they can make a dinner for Katherine who's leaving tomorrow. Was really happy that my cousins appreciate and understand The Young Ones (I have all the episodes on my lappy, we watched the “University Challenge” episode where they go on a trivia show up against the four posh kids, Lord MontLordors Snot, Miss Money Sterling and Kendal Mintcake, where Neil pours a bucked of piss on Lord Snot's head and Vyvian shootsmortarter round at them. High-brow British comedy at its peak, don't ya' know.

After that we came back home and Katherine came with me to visit Pants. It was cool because she met Pants and became friends with him entirely separately from me, so he knows her and he knows me but he never really saw the two of us together before. It was a nice time, just talking asittingtng around, like I always enjoy doing more than pretty much anything else.

Going to the SS Cardiacs show tomorrow. You should too. Link.

SS Cardiacs (MTL)
Spincycle Squared (HFX)
Special Noise (HFX) /
Birmingham (PEI)
Two Hours Traffic (PEI)


St. Pius X Hall
106 St. Peters Road

6 p.m.
So basically things have been pretty pleasantly uneventful lately, and I can't complain about that because I really don't like drama, and any time I sense it coming along I just involuntarily shut down and hope it blows by me.

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