Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend Notes

Went to Freddy for the weekend. It was hot. . . really hot and humid. Maybe not quite Hong Kong during the Summer, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

I picked up a couple of action figures over the weekend based on characters from Tenjo Tenge. They are quite nice. Actually I have this one now. The other comes in on Wednesday.

Ate at Quizzno's in Freddy. Overall impression: good sub, but too expensive. At Subway, I can get a toasted sub for cheaper and there's a bigger selection of veggies. The side salad I got was pretty pitiful. I don't plan on paying for Quizzno's anytime in the foreseeable future.

Sunday. Had a shower (to get all that sweat off from the day before), nice filling breakfast at Fred's Pancake House. My friend, Tyler, came along to the track. . . we got lost. Got to the track late, but still managed to get registered and the car prepped before the event got underway. Blissville is more of an abandoned runway out in the middle of nowhere. I currently have insect bites all over my arms, legs, back of my neck. I actualy went out to get some insect repellant and some fluids as it was hot too. Both were greatly appreciated, but by that time I was already mostly eaten alive.

Waiting for the results to be posted by FMC, but my fastest time was 63.0 seconds, about 2 seconds off Greg, 4 seconds off the the fastest time of the day. Now, assuming I continue to improve, I have a good chance at beating Greg in Slemon Park with normal street tires to boot.

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