Friday, June 24, 2005

Rock'n'Roll to the core with a side of Funkalicious

Managed to work my excellent timing to take in 3 bands tonight, in no particular order:

LizBand @ Brennan's:

LizBand @ Brennan's

Totally awesome rock / punk band that have been around longer than I've been interested in the opposite sex. Totally deserving of all the attention they can get.

TrailerCamp @ Brennan's:

TrailerCamp @ Brennan's

Tala @ Baba's:

Tala @ Baba's

Can't argue with a little funky sitar-aided groovasms to top off your night.

By al - 2:53 a.m. |

I can't believe I missed them. I really enjoy Lizband. They kick ass. I use to go see them in St. John's when the chance arrose!
I was totally impressed by them, wish more people had come out to see them. They didn't let up at all, though, so I had a great time.
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