Saturday, June 18, 2005

Roadie for a Day

I think there must be a disease called roadie-itis. On Thursday e. and I were out late enjoying some live music and it inspired us to each bring in our musical equipment to work and jam at the office. So I got to walk through Charlottetown lugging a guitar and an amp up to my office. There are 2 unused offices where I am and we just snuck our shit into there and left it.

Then a little while into the morning e. quietly got up, slipped into the office and closed the door behind him. A minute later I hear the longing tones of an unaccompanied bass. That was my signal to commence operation 'fuck it, it's only work' and go in and start playing as well. Now, I'm not usually the kind of player who just goes without deciding before-hand what we're going to play, but it was a lot of fun just following the bassline and digging out bits from here and there to lay over top of it. The Grateful Dead we weren't, but jam night at Brennan's might not feel completely out of place.

More people spotted me as I was carrying my gear home. One girl saw me and said "hey Alex, wow, where are you playing tonight?"

So my theory is that since I was spotted carting around music equipment that later that evening when the band needed to move their crap out of Brennan's they must have said "hey, that guy looks like we could get him to carry some of this stuff". That's only after they tried to get this other girl who's all of 5'2 and tiny to carry a keyboard that probably weighed more than she does. Professional operation, for sure :)

I was able to carry it allright, once I realized the little handle was a filthy lie and you had to just pick the whole thing up with both arms. I nearly put out a car window with the thing at one point just by turning around, but I eventually made it up these narrow, shallow and maze-like stairs. Don't remember much of the after party except that I think I mostly talked to Taylor and Gabrielle the whole time and didn't do much other socializing with people who didn't come over to where we were.

Anyway, maybe next time I can graduate from roadie to sound guy and actually try and get the sound system at Brennan's to sound respectable. (dear every band at brennan's: they don't actually go up to 11.)

Also, I think I saw a ghost last night.

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