Sunday, March 28, 2004

okay to be a sport and just to post because I haven't posted in a while
1. I cannot walk past a penny and not pick it up (I am very superstitious)
2. I believe in curses and the lot, secretely I think I am cursed when it come to many things
3. I know kim and I are telephathecally connected.
4. I like scratch tickets
5. I am an "Angle" Freak, I can't miss an episode with out being upset.
6. I think peanutbutter goes with just about anything (can't make a MacDonalds comment here, lack of choices there)
7. I prefer stormy nights to calm night, some how the storms are more comforting
8. I can't eat soup with out a peanutbetter sandwitch
9. I alphabetize my CD's and books
10. I think Seth Green is the cutest actor out there

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