Wednesday, February 18, 2004

What has The Duc been cookin?

I've been pretty busy lately. The big chunk of my time away from work is spent at the arena. I'm on the ice about 4-5 times a week playing hockey. I've been playing in two leagues plus some pick-up. It's been pretty tiring, but the season is almost over. I think going back to playing once or twice a week during the Summer will be a nice change.

Other than that, I've been busy doing stuff around the house. Cleaned out all the junk that was in my living room. Then I started working on restructuring my little computer network. Finally got my Windows XP box to finally talk to my Linux box via Samba. Trying to figure out what computer a particular file is stored on tends to be a problem when you have 5 computers, I finally got the old PIII-450 setup as a file server and moved all my data onto that. Got around to moving the new computer into my room, exchanged the old router for a WiFi router, and got a cheap USB WiFi adapter to get it connected to my little network. Damn USB devices, I've been trying to sort out some reliability issues with the WiFi adapter. . . . I think I have it working now, but I've said that a few times last week too. Realized the other day that my Win XP box was underclocked. . . tried fixing that (what a disaster!) The machine was completely unstable and crashing for a while. Finally got the correct BIOS settings after a few hours. Managed to get the thing to work in dual-channel mode (it's really sweet now!) Next move, finish setting up the computer in my room and get Linux working on it with the network.

Greg: I'm currenting working under the Millitary product line and I am working on a project that is destined for Tampa. I'm not sure if it's the project that you heard about though and if I did know, I'm not sure if I am privy to tell you. All I can say is what I'm working on is pretty cool.

Aside from trying to save enough money to pay my bills, not much else has been happening.

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