Tuesday, February 17, 2004

G: Put it this way, let's say that you are an honest, hardworking engineer who gets paid based on how close to the top of the pile of engineers ou are. Then they find out that doing Meth increases your ability to use AutoCAD, but it can also very likely kill you., and definitely has some very serious side effects.

Now let's say that enough engineers start doing the drug thing, and they overcrowd the rest to the point where the abstainers can't make a living as engineers anymore. Perhaps he'd be tempted to join the crowd, but has a family to worry about, and would like to live to see his grandchildren, etc.

See the parallel now?

Anyway, when robots start playing baseball I'll certainly watch, but people playing will still be interesting as well.

By al - 1:08 p.m. |

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