Friday, October 24, 2003

I have not joined Should I? And what can they do for me? I like to drive fast. I do not talk about driving fast as it distracts me from driving faster. :-) I'm barely "home" during the summer given my current employment. Any other time, I find myself running around doing stuff.

Planning on storing the People's Celica. Apparently my mom sold the Accord she was trying to fix up so I'm back in the market for a winter beater. Got a line on a '94 Cav, ~$2500 from a guy I know. Saw a white Dynasty on the lot for ~$1700, but I decided against it for obvious reasons. Called the insurance people. Apparently it will only cost me an additional $120/a for a second car. Anyone know someone else selling a good 10 year old car for cheap?

G: You can probably drop down any other week. Let me know before hand just in case, my boss can and has sent people to the field on short notice before. . . . Example: "Steve, here is a ticket for Florida. The plane leaves this afternoon." At least that was how it told it to me anyways.

I'm off to Grand Falls for some back-breaking moving. Later.

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