Thursday, October 23, 2003

G: I have most of Initial D on crappy VHS. I believe I have the remainder of the original series in some flavour of DiVX (I think the last two episodes are in Cantonese). Ming has stuff. As people commonly refer to them, "toys". Lots of toys. As for the unmentionables I have gotten from the internet, they will remain unmentioned. Hence the name :-)

I'm going to Grand Falls this weekend to help my mom move. . . . again. I'm starting to think she does this in an attempt to con me into driving up and visiting her. . . . and working me like a slave. Conversation generally goes like this:

Ming's Mom: "Ming-Duc, (insert random event) is going on this (weekend/day/or holiday). Are you coming to Grand Falls?"

Ming replies with his plans for the weekend which did not involve a trip to Grand Falls.

Ming's Mom: "Ok. when are you going be home?"

Ming repeats his plans for the weekend and attempts to explain why he cannot fit in a trip to Grand Falls on said occassion (i.e. work/not presently in Canada/already promised to attend other event/playing hockey/etc).

Ming's Mom: "If you don't come home, (names random tragic consequence)"

Ming weights the consequences and if truly tragic, attempts to "fit" a trip into his busy schedule.

My mom still hasn't realized I have a life (although mostly disfunctional) and I am not always available at her beck and call. Of course, whenever I ask her to visit me on the Island she always says "Oh I can't. I'm busy that day." or "I can go to Moncton. . . Moncton is closer. . ." or "why don't you come to Grand Falls instead?" When I bring up that she hasn't visited me on the Island for almost 2 years, her reply is always: "I would but you're never home," (while I'm standing in my apartment).

I sometimes wonder.

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