Monday, October 06, 2003

G: What has Ming been up to? After I finished cleaning the apartment, a few people from Whitehorse dropped by (friends of a friend). I've been hanging out with them a bit. The great Canadian climate pulled a fast one on me and I am now stricken with my first cold of the year (damn this sucks). Right when I decide to take a week off! Bastards! There is no justice is this world. I've been pumping obscene amounts of water and orange juice plus as much sleep as possible.

Had 3 out of 4 computers running a counter-strike LAN game earlier today (laptop, the main Linux Box, and the new XP box). Along with a few guys, I proceeded to lay waste on anything that moved.

Have to rest up. My mom is coming down to Moncton on Tuesday for a little birthday get together. Hockey on Wednesday. Chantal on Friday (Greg do you have more of that poster board?) Up to Bathurst on Saturday for a wedding (as long as I'm feeling a lot better). Maybe I should take another week off. . . .

Well, back to bed. . . .

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