Sunday, March 08, 2009

Evergreen Patch Accepted

I love when this happens.

From: Dan Scott
Subject: Thanks UPEI! Google Book Preview patch integrated into trunk
Date: March 8, 2009 1:55:22 AM AST
To: Evergreen Discussion List
Cc: Alexander O'Neill, Mark Leggott


Thanks to Alexander O'Neill and the University of Prince Edward Island
for posting their patch for integrating the Google Book Preview
feature directly into the record details page and making the code
available under the GPL v2.

I just committed a variation of the patch to Evergreen trunk
( - it needs a bit of
internationalization work before it's ready for prime-time, but it is
a great feature.

Dan Scott
Laurentian University
+1 to Evergreen. I haven't been able to work on Evergreen since changing my focus to Fedora-commons for now, but hope to get back to it when I can. It's a great project and it has absolutely the best-written and best use of JavaScript code I've seen.

God it feels awesome to have your work included into the main repository.

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By al - 1:59 a.m. |

I have no idea what any of that says but something tells me an attaboy is in order. Way to go bro.
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