Saturday, January 03, 2009

The grilled cheese secret

This seems to blow people's minds when I tell them so maybe it's not as well-known as I would have guessed. Anyway, for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, don't put the sandwich together first and then throw it on the frying pan.

Instead, let the pan get nice and hot, throw in a healthy portion of butter and when that melts, lay two pieces of bread on to the hot frying pan and let them get toasty for half a minute. Then turn slice one over, put the slices of cheese (sharp cheddar, for god's sake) onto the now hot and buttery bread. Then quickly left the other piece and put the hot side down on top of the cheese.

This lets your cheese fully melt without having to overcook the outside of the sandwich, and your bread is evenly toasted on both sides.


By al - 11:22 a.m. |

dude, you're, like, my hero!

...but now i wish i had bread..

I wish I had
a sandwich maker...!!
The real key is making sure the butter is on BOTH sides. Gives the inside the same "crisp" texture that the outside has.

Your method is a bit different then mine in that I put the butter on the bread before it hits the pan. But the delicious results are the same!

The Pre-heat (medium-high heat, not too high) and the timing are both essential. A grilled cheese sandwich has the potential to be mind blowing, or lack luster. Your care and attention are key to swinging the pendulum towards mind blowing. :^)
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