Sunday, January 11, 2009

1x09: The Battle

I still love how the old Ferengi ships looked like angry cartoon characters with gritted teeth and red eyes.

In the future they don't get headaches, according to Dr. Crusher.

And here we present the debut of Wesley's stupid outfit. Mostly I just feel sorry for Wil Wheaton , who is an awesome blogger and honestly came out of this as well as anyone could have.

This is still where they were trying to position the Ferengi as the series erstwhile villains, before audiences overwhelmingly found them hilarious.

Ahh, this is the episode where they mention the "Picard manoeuvre". The Adama Manoeuvre, where he took the Galactica and brought it into the atmosphere to bomb the crap out of a planet, is a total rip-off of that.

The best part about this shot is that they had computers with colour displays in 1989 when the show was made, but chose to go back to green-on-black for something to look "computer-y".

"Data, reading picard's log file from the USS Stargazer: "'we are forced to abandon our starship, may she find our way without us.' Apparently she did, sir. So Data can't figure out that "do" and "not" can be contracted to "don't" but he can make jokes anthropomorphizing starthips.

"As you humans say 'I'm all ears'." LOLOLOLOL.

Apparently the Ferengi have the power to project thoughts into Picard's mind. Somehow they forgot how to do this in their transition to comic relief. Quark could have used that power to fuck with Odo in supremely awesome ways.

The ending to this episode: Picarad shoots the mind control device with a phaser. Yep.

The good:
  • The Picard manoeuvre is frigging awesome.
  • Yarr didn't say very much
  • Worf didn't say very much
  • Troi didn't say very much
The bad:
  • The Ferengi still trying to be the villains
  • The ending was basically "SNAP OUT OF IT, CAPTAIN". *sigh*
The ugly:
  • Wesley's gay pride stripes
  • Yarr's haircut. This will be applicable for all episodes with her in it.
  • Riker without a beard still bothers me. WRONG WRONG WRONG.


By al - 11:00 p.m. |

your good/bad/ugly: pretty much right on.

so whens the next one?

(i read this when you first posted it, but i'm still giggling)
I think I'm going to start a separate blog for these things.. will keep you posted.
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