Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CNN Hides Independents

So I'm looking at CNN's electoral map and I see that the CT and VT seats are shown as blue. What the hell is wrong with CNN's graphics department? Lieberman was kicked out of the Democratic nomination and subsequently ran as if he were a Republican. Who knows how he'll vote now that he doesn't even have to pretend anymore.

And in Vermont they have basically my favourite American legislator, Bernie Sanders, who is proudly an Independent, which is how he has served in the House for the past decade and a half.

Why is CNN invested in the notion that you must be part of one of the two major political parties to win a state-wide race?

Note that the map on their Senate race page shows these states in Yellow. But on TV it's just Red and Blue. I guess insulting the intelligence of their TV viewers is just business as usual.

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Hey Sabrina,

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