Friday, September 29, 2006

So it's come to this

sleep.. work.. sleep.. work.. sleep.. work..

on the weekend.. sleep .. sleep.. sleep..

I thought it was just the cold I had that was making me tired, but it's been a couple of weeks now and I'm still falling right to sleep after I get home from work, not eating supper, and waking up at about 4-5am when all I can do is just read until it's time to get to work again.

Sure I'm getting a lot of books read, but if I keep this up the outside world could end and I'd not ntoice until it was time to get groceries again.

Rescue please.

By al - 8:54 AM |

Sounds familiar. I think my schedule is more like: work... sleep... work... sleep... with as much stuff crammed between work and sleep.

Weekend: chores... sleep... chores... sleep... chores... sleep... with as much fun as I can cram between chores and sleep.

Work's not rewarding enough? Seems like things haven't been too hot since you took the new job.
if i still lived in town, i'd make a routine with you so that every week we'd do something different. but sadly, i moved to the stix. :(

i'll let you know when i'm in town again. i'm housesitting til tuesday but am going to be in the country for the weekend. if by chance i come in this weekend, i'll call you!
p.s. you never comment on my blog anymore. how many times do i have to yell at you? :)

ming has a point... about the job i mean...
as for the irresponsible opinion: I think the clear answer is to go to Comedy night on sunday.
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