Saturday, February 21, 2004

G: Is that all? That hardly qualifies as turning the world "on it's head". :) Fact is, Tecmo could have just gotten away with a breast-fest and sold millions. But the funny part is they actually took the time to craft a very good fighting game around the jiggly. Tis why I can't just pass it off. Me upon playing DOA Volleyball. "Wow. They actually threw in a really good volleyball game in addition to the T&A". The new Ninja Gaiden's player models are a direct influence from the already fantastic models used in the DOA series. Besides, "From the maker's of Ninja Gaiden comes Ninja Gaiden" is a bit repetitive.

In other news, Astroboy fucking rocks. Hats off to Sony for making such an awesome show. Wow.

I'm glad you found true love. Me? I'm off to play in the snow tommorow and hope I don't break anything. Rallying is an expensive mistress.

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