Friday, December 05, 2003

Well you know. After years of hanging around you guys, you begin to reconize the more significant CS people.
Just dont ask me to name them ;)

And now with 20 minutes left of work I am boared out of my tree. I have writen some good bye's to several people. And a lengthy email to my mother, who is out of her mind with worry about me being in a forein country. I love moms they are unbelievably non practical in their worry. Dad's are funny too. They worry, but never tell you they are worried. They just say hi next time they hear from you as if nothing is wrong.

Greg the next time someone sends you a chain mail letter invent one of your own which promises horrible side effects wheather or not they send it on to people or better yet, more like make the curse more specific, like should anyone return this to you all those who previous read it will have a horrible incedent.
Or for a more peaceful resolution ask them to remove you from the list of people they send it to.

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