Monday, December 01, 2003

Hey Peter! That is pretty cool. What's the lucky lady's name. I have been away so long I have totally lost tract of who is dating who. The feeling old thing. My friends getting maried and buying houses has little chance of comparing with my little sister getting maried. I think thing that takes the cake.
Well best of luck.

I have to complain to someone and bloggers are as good as anyone. Yesterday I finished my thesis for examination (I know it should have been done ages ago, but my supervisor had 30 pages for three months....put appropriate name calling here) This morning I was tracking off to work with it in my hand, and just as it would, it was raining (stupid english weather) I did however manage to get to work with it in my hand and still dry, but three minutes after I get to work, the wind takes it (some more curse words) and now instead of mailing it, I am reprinting it. (some more severe curse words.) Perhaps it is my own stupidity, but the stupid post office doesn't open until after I get to work and closes long before I get off work. The English really don't believe in convinience. Before the question is asked, I could so much as find a grocery bag to put it in......(again some nasty words)...

Grr., growl $@&*,

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