Monday, November 17, 2003

You mean to tell me you found something related to porn on the internet, Dear god Tuan what web sites are you going too......... (please not the sarcasm). Sorry Tuan:o)

It seems everytime I punch something into a search engine, the first 4 or 5 might be what I want, the six dozen are porn.

Anyway Ming If I am around when you move into the new house let me know. I can help somewhat with the packing and what not. I get back on the to Canada on the 14th and I promised my sister I would be on the island before the release of Return of the Kings.

So What is life like back in Canada, seen in real amount of snow yet? I have seen lots of the cold wet rain, that England is famous for.

ON the note of seeing things the past weekend I saw real Dead mummies. It was bizzar! Thought it would be cooler, infact it was rather distrubing. There was even one body that was still whole, not wrapped up, and completely desicated. You could see his skin, and teeth and hair. Interesting but yet I felt odd, stairing at someone who has been dead for so long. I wondered what his life must have been like.

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