Friday, November 14, 2003

The house is just behind the new French school in Summerside, the new development called Gavin Estates. That would put it pretty close to the intersection of South Drive and Pope Road. I close on December 1st (that's when I get the keys). Haven't narrowed down when I'm moving in. Before January for sure, definitely after I get applicances though and try before snow comes. . . . I'm aiming for early December.

Back in high school, I played D&D in the basement. We aptly referred to it as the Dungeon. There will be no D&D in the bedrooms. Living room or basement most likely. The server room will be a freezer. I have that portable air conditioner and it goes with the servers. I shall run massive amounts of CAT5 cables through the hallways so it looks like those hoverships in the Matrix. . . .

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