Sunday, November 09, 2003

Transbeauties. You have beauties on cars, beauties in cars, beauties as cars is the next logical step non?

The Meatrix. . . . evil corps are doing terrible things to animals, so everyone should stop eating meat all together. . . . When they found out the air was polluted, did they stop breathing too? Stands to reason right? I don't support these evil agro-corps nor disputing the facts they raised. Just the message that everyone should be a vegetarian.

Don't remember if I mentioned this before. I got some parts to upgrade my computer network in the mail. My Linux box will be upgraded from this ancient PIII-450 to a nice Athlon XP 2100+ and life will be good once again. Why upgrade?

1. I use the PIII-450 Linux box more than my newer Win Box with the 2100+.
2. OpenOffice runs like a bastard on this thing.
3. I'm due for an distro upgrade too, I'm still running MDK8.1.
4. I need a server upgrade too. My current server is next to useless will less than 600 MB of drive space.

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