Saturday, November 08, 2003

I actually just posted it because it was a funny cartoon, but of course there's the problem of the messenger overshadowing their own message.

I bought some pork chops at the farmer's market today. One need not go all vegan to avoid the mess that is industrial food production. Before I started buying organic vegetables I did one simple test, buy one of the regular kind, one organic, and see which tastes better. There's literally no contest. Everytihng else is secondary, but having spent a lot of time growing up on my grandfather's farm I have a lot of sympathy for farmers. There wasn't a single piece of false information in that cartoon, by the way.

Knowing something about how my food is made is becoming a little more important the more I know about what goes on on factory farms. And commercially grown vegetables are often not produced in much better conditions. Drowning them in pesticides, breeding (and genetically modifying) for appearance over taste. (those huge strawberries and blueberries taste like mush when compared to the regular ones). Failure to rotate crops, something that used to be common sense is now considered radical, and farmers' land is becoming unable to grow anytihng because of it. On PEI this hits closer to home, hearing about runoff from a potato field killing all the fish in a river.

How about: Fuck greedy people who want me to buy inferior food.

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