Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Binnie: I would have to say Al's observations are pretty good. It also explains in detail why I'm still single and why girls like guys like Justin (a friend I have on the Island). Yeah, yeah, yeah. . . . I know I'm frigging boring so leave me alone :-p

Anyways, I got a house. Still have to work out the details with the bank, the lawyers, the insurance, and then get everything transferred to the new home before December. . . . Anyways, once I sort everything out I'll give out my usual "boring" rant on the state of Duc, then invite friendly drunks to celebrate my being out of pocket for over $150K. . . .

Ming's Christmas Wish List:
1. Furnature for the new house
2. Furnature. That is all. . . .

P.S. I've been looking at my finances again, damn this is going to hurt. . . .

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