Thursday, October 16, 2003

Nostalgia glosses over all
So curiosity struck me and I went digging. However, unlike Transformers, these little guys are horrid. Baron Von Joy? What the hug kinda name is that? I mean Jazz is a Porsche, and he turned out ok. Don't get me wrong, the Go-bot vehicle modes were spot on, but I think they left the transformation for a 6 year old to work out. No wonder Hasbro bought you guys out.

And don't get me started on the spin-off Rock Lords. It's a robot that turns into a freakin rock?! Ummm thanks? Pity they were all plastic, they'd make decent weapons to biff at little kids or paper weights at the very least.

Oh well, they did make a Go-bot AE86 and Corvette that combined into this fella. Not bad. I think I owned him or parts of him.

That's enough reminiscing, I gotta get back to eBay and hunt down a Mayor McCheese pull back car.

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