Sunday, March 21, 2004

Went to a Thai dinner last night. The food was absolutely amazing, but then again I'm just a big fan of food in general. The funny part is that the Thai student association that put it on is made up of all ten Thai students at UNB (nearly all of whom seem to be Chem Eng. grad students, go figure..), and they managed to put together a much better-organized night than pretty much all the other student cultural society nights that I've been to.

All my life I never knew that "fish cakes" could be anything other than greasy disgusting Beaver cafeteria lunch fodder. Turns out they can be greasy, delicious dinner main courses too. Learn something new every day I guess. The girl I went with is rather well-traveled and said that the food was actually good, having been to Thailand twice I put more stock in her appraisal than in my own 'mmm.. food' assessment.

The funniest part was during the slide show showing all the different things in Thailand she would be like "yeah, I've been there... been there.. been there". She then got into a conversation about how the flight to Bangkok from Hong Kong was so much easier than from Toronto, and complaining about the direct flight from Toronto to Hong Kong. So needless to say I'm feeling rather insulated and un-traveled right now :)

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