Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The Duc, Gregory, commence salivating:

Shooting of Initial D is being delayed due to conflicts between Tsui Hark and Media Asia Group. Firstly, there is a disparity of some HK$10 million between the two's proposals on the production budget. Tsui Hark wants the movie to be as grandiloquent as possible and to film the car races on actual locations - primarily Japan and Europe - as depicted in the comics. However, this would require a hefty budget which Media Asia Group is loath to fork out. Secondly, the script is heading in two directions. Media Asia Group wants the movie to be commercially viable, while Tsui Hark insists on making it according to his filming language and style. Thirdly, while they are basically in agreement on the male cast Jay Chou, Edison Chan, Shawn Yue and Anthony Wong, they are again in dissent on the female lead. Owing to many disputes, the studio decided to push shooting from February to March, with no date fixed, contingent on how the issue develops. Media Asia Group declined comment on what it would do should the controversies remain unresolved, but some top-dog from it privately revealed that the director would be changed if the worst comes to the worst.

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