Friday, October 31, 2003

Identical guns you say? Interesting. Is it permissible to have different finishes on said guns? Say a silver and black motif, or perhaps something in a gun metal. Would walnut be too adventurous? Is it acceptable to exclaim "are you talkin to me?!" while trying on said nouveau attire? Teach me oh Wise One.

I can see where the authorities might be concerned regarding the mid 80's relic. Simply put it looks very real, especially from a distance, no odd colors or red caps on this baby. No sir. It even has heft to it because of the diecast metal. They definitely don't make em like they used to. If I came across a guy with a gun I'd respect his piece... and give him a wide berth. Hmmm I wonder if they made a bullet clip that turns into a robot?

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