Tuesday, October 28, 2003

G: Any weekend you want to drop down is fine (as long as I am on the Island). Rememberance day, Holloween, call in sick for the hell of it day are also acceptable.

Drove to Grand Falls on Friday. Left Summerside with a full tank of gas. Arrived at my mom's cottage just outside Grand Falls 4.5 hours later (including a stop in Lincoin). For reference sake, normal trip time between Grand Falls and Moncton: 4 hours. Summerside and Moncton 1.5 hours. . . . Much time can be shaved going 195 kph at the expense of fuel.

Note: Being a one-man moving company is NOT FUN. I did 4 truck loads by myself. Load truck. Drive truck half-an-hour to town. Unload truck. Move articles to proper places. Drive truck half-an-hour back to cottage. #$*%ing REPEAT. Next day, I was navigating between the rafters in the roof pulling out speaker wire and replacing them with new wire and reconnecting new speakers.

I got a chance to drive my mom's Envoy. That thing is a beast. More specifically, it corners like a cow. I hate the suspension on that thing. I can feel the body rolling when I take a corner, not great when you're trying to navigate river road. The suspension is funny. You can feel the bumps on the road, but it completely dampens the feel of acceleration. Oh, and that thing stops about as well as a mac truck. I don't understand why people feel "safe" in these things. Sure, if you're in an accident you're more likely to survive. On the other hand, I like avoiding the accident all together by driving around it.

Greg, Tuan: I must show you river road sometime. I grew up racing down it when I was younger. It is also where I spun out the Corolla back in High School. It makes the Cookerville circle look like a go kart track. Going over 120 kph is pretty insane. It is narrow. Zero shoulder with a few inches of gravel on the edges. You know those white lines they normally paint on the edges of the road, they're not there because the road isn't wide enough. Past the gravel on one side, a ditch and inches futher are trees. On the other, a few thin trees will attempt to slow you down a 30+ foot drop into the St. John river. Throw in a few People's "S"-like corners and that is the fabled River road of Grand Falls.

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