Friday, September 08, 2006

All is right

I have finally finished the slow, purgatory hell that was my last job.

I was starting to feel like I was a ghost visitor on this blog since over the past year if I did have time to hop online at work I only had a few minutes to do so ( the joy of working with 38 teachers while sharing 5 computers...) and outside of work I couldn't be bothered to slip into a pc room and tolerate the blaring sound effects of dozens of different games at the same time.

Now I have started my new job and it seems like everything is being made right.

I heart my new school. I heart my new apartment. I invested in a laptop (I REALLY heart my laptop and looking into the legalities of marrying it) AND I have internet at home now.

I've missed participating here in the Hallway and looking forward to and hoping to do more posts... if I could only find something interesting to say...the rest of you buggers set the bar pretty high... ;o)

By chantal - 6:48 p.m. |

blame the high standards on al and tuan.

I tend to talk girly
Get a hold of Greg if you want to know more about marrying your computer :-p
Say anything. Bini's wrong about the high standards. Al's the political guy, I'm the game guy, Ming's the tech guy, Sabrina's the swim gal, Peter's the quiet guy...

See how that works? Find a niche a make it yours. :) May I suggest porn? Oh. Wait. I gotta not get this site blacklisted on the corporate firewall. Whoops.
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