Friday, July 07, 2006

Still Looking for the Horseshoe

So it's that time of year again to start looking for a new job. My contract at my current school is up in a month and a bit and after all the BS that went down at my current school, there's no way I'm signing up with it again.

This is my least favourite part of living here....the constant deadend phone calls (no, I am not going to accept less money than I make now for more work, thank-you very much,sir) and researching endless schools/companies to make sure that they are decent offers.

Then I got an email from this one company...they were offering a great deal more money for 3 hours of work a day.

3 hours? That's it?!

It couldn't possibly be right. So I researched the company. Reputable enough. checked to make sure there weren't any hidden hours of work that might not be accounted for (prep time, marking, testing, report cards)..again nothing.

Went for the interview and instantly knew that this is the job I need to take. I am confident that everything will be great and work out well....

On top of all that, it will give me ridiculous amounts of free time to work on my writing.

Only one question remains...where the hell is the horseshoe at?

By chantal - 2:26 a.m. |

Wow, everyone reading that is jealous of you right now. Good luck, I hope you get it :)

And maybe more writing time will mean more blogging time ;)

PS. I may fly to Korea in the winter to visit Jayme and you if you are amenable, I'll let you know.
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