Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Ok, Ok...here's my list;

1. Anytime I eat peanuts I count them out first so that I am always eating an even number. ( which I then split in half and then split in half again so that I am always eating a quarter of a peanut at a time)
2. I always set my alarm clock 5 times out of obsessive paranoia
3. When eating a McDonald's hamburger, I eat the buns first and save the meat for last...I also strip my nuggets naked of batter before eating them
4.I wear preparation H under my eyes at night to reduce puffiness and swelling
5. Ever since seeing the movie 'the Ring' I keep my tv on at night and throw a towel over my monitor
6. I believe in telepathic abilities and firmly maintain that Nathalie and I are connected somehow
7. I find the whole vampire culture thing fascinating (though not really a part of it) and I have seen "The Underworld" six times since it came out on video here 3 months ago
8. I only have nightmares if I eat apples, nuts, yoghurt or cheese before bed...sometimes I do just to induce nightmares out of boredom
9. I occassionally sniff-check socks when lazing around my apartment
10. I have a secret crush on John Goodman

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