Monday, February 16, 2004

I've been wondering where The Duc has been this last while. And here he is extolling the virtures (rather, vices) of the internet and how it can be used to acquire H. CAN YOU SEEEEEEEE at what THE DUC is lookin'.

DUC, you gonna be in on this?

Speaking of anime, there was a 3-way tie during a vote on Saturday. 11 votes apiece. If this were America, we'd still be doing recounts :) As it was, the (oh, what do you call the guy that counts the votes and introduces the series? Anyway, him.) cast the tiebreaking vote for Ninja Scroll. You know, it's not common to have 3-way ties. There've been 2-way ties before - in fact the previous Saturday there was a 2-way tie, and the M.C. (or whatever) broke the tie by voting for Ninja Scroll.

As for news of interest, I may be going to Alberta again this summer. Possibly upwards to 4 months. (Yes, I know, technically, summer is only 3 months.)

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