Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Michelin have updated their mascot:

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Note to self:

If I ever want to grab Penn's crotch, I should ask first.

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Monday, December 29, 2003

The three-part Nova series The Elegant Universe viewable online (real or quicktime).

via BBspot.

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Russian flash cartoon thingy. Push the button when it loads.

via MetaFilter.

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Hoasties (flash)

And now back to the ongoing kevin smith boycott. No I don't need a reason.

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Saturday, December 27, 2003


via Salam Pax.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy doing real science (video).

via /.

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Hey all,

Got back to the Island a few hours ago. Started doing some work around the house, got my living room cleaned up (dismembered a bunch of boxes and tossed them) and trimmed the blinds to fit the windows. Should be done doing a few loads of laundry soon. The house is really starting to look nice now. All I need to do is figure out what I'm going to do with the living room. . . . all that empty space!

Got a bunch of stuff for the house for Christmas. Got a new dish tray, a couple new sets of bedsheets, fire extingushers, MP3/CD deck for the People's Legacy (can't wait to install that one!), plus a smaller stuff.

No one brought kerosene, so there was burning of houses :-( Well, it was fun anyways. Greg got to see Phonebooth, not sure if that was a good idea or not yet - Greg's too impressionable. . . . Binnie, thanks for the cookies. They "mysteriously" disappeared during the night. Thinking it might have been a better idea to put them in a different room than the one Greg was in :-p

Maybe I'll try another get-together later, try for a better turn-out anyways.

Anyways, I got a bit of house work I want to finish before I get to bed. Post more later.

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Friday, December 26, 2003

I got lots of knives. 10, to be exact.

Most of my presents were house-related - blankets, kitchen utensils, a picture of blueberries, a first-aid kit, and a metric ton of chocolate (or thereabouts).

The three most interesting presents were a Galilean thermometer (filled with a clear hydrocarbon fluid and 5 glass bulbs, each with a different color and density, and will rise or sink depending on the temperature/density of the fluid), a book of facts (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader), and a 3D puzzle of the Sears Tower - 1:585 scale (535 pieces). It takes up a 7" x 7" space on my livingroom floor, but it's 3' tall. Or will be, when it's put together.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a really good holiday! I hope you are enjoying a day off! I am. It seems like it has been years since I didn't have things to do at christmas. And really this is the first time I have not had to rush back somewhere in the new year and I love. I can't believe how good it feels not to be going to school in January. I want to wish everyone a great christmas (or whatever you choose to celebrate) and the best New year yet.
Hope tp see you in the new year.

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Season Greetings Everyone.

Finally got the laptop hooked-up and connected to the internet. I'm spending Christmas in Moncton with family dropping into my sister's new house. I'll be back on the Island after Christmas. Anyways, Merry Christmas. I'll have to post all the goodies I got later :-p

Now, I should see how much it would cost to get a computer for my sister. . . until then, I guess dial-up is better than nothing. . . .

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Friday, December 19, 2003


Ming may be seen between the hours of 3 pm on Saturday and noon on Sunday. Bring presents - or, barring that, the BLUE sparks. (see www.penny-arcade.com a couple of comics ago)

26 Century Court

If you don't know where that is, BUY A F*CKING MAP! You may also call THE DUC for directions to the People's Palace in the Fohbidden City. nine oh two four three six four two seven one

Now we have a blog post worthy of Emperor Akihito. (again, see penny-arcade.com)

Come see the great Huang dynasty (or The People's Legacy, depending). Rumor has it that some of THE DUC's family members will be there. Come see THE Peking DUC under glass a l'orange.

Oh, and Chantal?


I agree. Wang makes for good conversation when nothing else can be thought of. Good poetry, too.
"How do I love thee? Let me count the wang."
And, of course, in music:
"Everybody Wang Chung tonight."

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Hey guys! Chantal! I hope your PC get's better soon. My sister has a pretty bad virus as well, hopefully it is not the same ;). I will miss you tomorrow at the party.
My jump at the new guys was only the result of not hearing a thing about it when I was across the water, not that I am surprized, just nice to know how little Canada means to the rest of the world.... And plus I have developed a pretty large dislike for Bush lately, most of what comes out of his mouth urks me.
Who is all going tomorow to Mings. thinking of making cookies and need an idea how much to make?
I guess directions is the big question Ming. I know personally I can roam around sumerside side roads for a good deal of time and not find the street I am looking for. Next question is do you need anything? I can pop by early tommorow and help, having nothing to do anyway. Plus both parents work tomorrow so I will probably land in Summerside that morning and be doing nothing all day. What time would you like things to get started? Has your phone been hooked up, has the number changed what's you cell number?
Sorry for the overload of questions.
See you soon

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sorry for the lack of posts lately...my pc is sick. Really sick. She got a bad virus and is useless to me until I can get her to the doctor.

bini; welcome back to Canada...give the new prime minister some time, let's see what happens...

ming; good luck with the house party..again, very sad to miss it :o(

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

My sister and I shall be showing up to Mingus' place, if he is kind enough to provide directions. It looks like we'll be up West that day already, so it all works out.

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I plan to be there. I don't know where he lives, but I'm sure he'll call and provide directions, right? Right?

As for our new prime minister, you can withold jugement until after he stuff does then you can have an opinon. that's probaby best. prejugement might make you think everthing he does in eithr positive or negative light.


That's better.

I would think that a willingness to speak with other national leaders is a good sign. It's when they stop talking things get bad.

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home sweet home!!

Okay I leave the country for a couple of months and everything changes. We will start with the snow. When I left it was green and warm and fun, and now I have been stuck in the house for two days, then released only to be banished back to the house until the rain stops.... urg.

Canada goes and changes its priminister, I haven't even had a chance to form an opion of this guys. He is willing to talk to that (insert your own words, mine are to nasty for publication) bush, that just can't be a good sign. Then the americans go and catch Sadam.... In england the whole country was worried about the minute growth on the queen's face (shaking my head).

Well I supose the question is now what should I do to recover???????
I know I will head out to Ming's.... That's still on the go correct?

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Okay. Last minute head count. Who's dropping by to "burn Mingus's house?" Leave a message on the blog. Remember, BYOB and BYOK (bring your own kerosene) ;-) If anyone needs directions/drives/lighter, let me know.

Gotta run, I'm heading to Moncton for my dad's birthday. Later.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

This suck blogs lately.

In other news, I love politics.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

A concise and achievable guide to men's fashion here, also a good read in and of itself.

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Monday, December 15, 2003

A wooden ferrari.

It floats, too. Receives an 8.3 on the bitchin' scale.

via MetaFilter.

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I never would have thought it, but Technicolor, Inc. has a website.

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Yay! New Demotivational Calendars are here!!!

via Robert Paterson.

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Santa vs. Frosty (video).

via blort.

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Planning on smacking PEI around probably after the 18th or so.

Activities include: mingus' house-burning party, seeing my sister off to Mexico, re-stocking on used books, finding an 'inspired' present for some chick, needing to make up for missing a birthday by actually putting heart into a present. Continue stalkig the Jimmy Swift Band, and spend much time talking to sabrina in order to pick up the ultimate bastardized PEI / Newfoundland / British accent to completely confuse the fuck out of people with.

Kicking the arse of an entire province in the space of a week will be a challenge, but luckily PEI is small.

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Milk and Cereal, Milk and Cereal... (flash)

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Hey guys. Tomorrow is the big day. I go home! I will be in Helifax at 3:30 in the afternoon. In summerside at 8 or something like that. I have to wait on that end for an and half for a shuttle which really sucks.

Hi chantal1 I hope you are injoying the internet access. Perhaps now I can catch on MSN.

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Friday, December 12, 2003

sabrina I hope you got some good shit in greece, another friend of a friend who went there got a deck of playing cards full of pictures of greek gods in different sex positions. She was apparently appaulled that men kept hitting on her while she and a friend played with them on the train. Go figure.

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I now have internet access in my home...let the long sleepless nights and vigilant email surveillance begin!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Hey guys. My time in Athens is now over.

Al. I never saw any almond stuffed olives, but if they are at the air port, they are as good as yours.

Chantal. Hey sweety. I have yet to see Love actually, people seem to have mixed feelings as to weather or not I would like it. I did see how to loss a guy in 10, personally I thought it was acceptable as a film. But deffinately a renter not one to pay and go see a the theatre. I generally think that of most romances thought.

Ming. poeple at work never make since. I just curse and swear about them over chocolate.

Well as my time runs out on the computer I just want to say see most of you soon. SAbrina

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Aliant closed my old e-mail address when I moved (*bastardo!*) Everyone change your addressbooks, you can send e-mail to ming-duc.wong@unb.ca

As for the snowday, I'm really starting to dislike CAE policy. Apparently I HAVE TO MAKE UP THE MISSED HOURS. I put my life at risk getting to work. Jumped a frigging snow drift using the almighty People's Legacy. Got into Slemon Park only to find out the road in front of the office was blocked off and the parking lot was filled with snow at least twice as high as the car. HOW I WAS EXPECTED TO GO AND STAY AT WORK is a wonder.

As it stands, I have a REALLY F%#!ing long work week as I attempt to make up the hours.

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Plans are now coming together for a massive New Year's blowout involving taking over of the Tap Room here in Freddie. My roommate Dave is from Ireland and he says there New Year's is even bigger than Christmas, so it will be worth it. Think of it as the house burning party to Ming's housewarming.

Details to follow, but consider your calendars crossed off.

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hello guys....

Guess what! It snowed here a few days ago...a real rare occassion for Seoul....I know you guys are pretty tired of snow and stuff but for us it was great! There was maybe 4 cm of snow and the koreans had flourescent coloured chains on their car tires...it was pretty funny.

So far I have been able to move my stuff that was in storage into the new apartment but I haven't been able to get the internet hooked up yet. I am anticipating having that accomplished in the next week or so...which'll be great 'cause I'm getting pretty tired of fighting for pc time here at the school.....

Al; after I have the internet hooked up we're back on for chatting...but the time schedule may have to change slightly....I now have Taekwondo in the mornings and it keeps me very busy. :o)

Sabrina; When you have a chance babe, go see the movie 'Love Actually' it is the most fabulous romantic comedy and I know you would enjoy it....have you seen ' How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' yet?

Ming; Congrats on the home and the successful move, you ancient fart.

Greg and Tuan; don't really have much else to say sooooo.....wang.

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Monday, December 08, 2003

hey sabrina, natalie just told me her friend once brought her back olives stuffed with almonds from Greece. That can be my present ;)

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Hey guys. I am still doing okay in Athens. The weather has been pretty nice up until today. It is not snowing, so I am still enjoying better weather than the lot of you, but the temperature drop down to about 5 C. I wasn't expecting that. I still had a fall coat. You should see the greek. They have hat's mits and scarfs on. The scarfs are usally wrapped around there faces. It is very interesting. Yesterday I got chased by a lady trying to sell me a table cloth. Though yesterday I was midly scared today I find it kind of funny. I have seen a pile of old greek ruins at this point, and Palm trees. I had never seen palm trees before.
Yesterday I also saw, mexican and Navahoe aboriginals playing music and singing in the sqare. when I tried to ask what tribe they were from, the lady said northamerica. I had to fight back the laugh. I returned with yes but which part of north america, it is very large. I had to explain that I was from north amerca before she would tell me more than that. I guess the Greek don't really know much about North america.
I am now rooming with a girl from Whales. I guess Whale is to england as canada is to the states. They normally assume she is from england, where most people assume that I am from the states. I have learned not to snap at the europeans for not realizing that the americans are not the only people over there.
On my first day here, after I wrote the first message for you guys I changed into a skirt and sandles and was told buy a merchant that It was to cold for cloths like that. another merchant tried to sell me a sweater to keep me warm in this cold weather. At that point I was sweating and looking desperately for water. I tried to explain to people about the weather at home. They really can understand temperatures below 0 C. Oh well.....
that is a little disorganized but that is the adventueres of Binnie to date. Perhaps some more up dates later.

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Sunday, December 07, 2003

Called Aliant techinical support about my High Speed Internet problem. . . . you should hear their expression when I tell them I run Linux and not Windows. . . . it's pretty funny except I still have a problem. Apparently, this guy was a bit more knowledgable and got me the proper information and fixed my account on their servers so I could actually login. That last guy was clueless, that's what I get for calling Saturday night past midnight.

Anyways, got a bunch of things to do on the Internet and around the house. I think I'll save that for tomorrow.

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Moved in the house yesterday. Got everything in except a few minor items which I will get to later. Probably good timing too, cursed snowstorm. . . . I left the cell phone charger at work, and now I can't get to it. Suffice it to say, my cell phone is now dead.

Got the computers, consoles, TV up before I went to bed. I can't get my WAN connection going though, using stupid-slow dial-up connection to post. I have no cable, so no TV surfing either. This must be fixed and soon.

Anyways, the house looks great. I just need a couch and a whole bunch of furishure. . . .

Binnie: Hope you are doing well in Greece. At least the weather is better there. I can't even back out of my driveway to get a bottle of pop or anything :-p *stupid Island snow drifts*.

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Da Bears!

Linkage. via blort.

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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Nils Ling has the creepiest hospital story of all time over at Matt Rainnie's blog.

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Dr. Joe 'Santa' Horton doing a chicken dance and my supervisor and I standing on chairs belting out our part in the 12 cdays of christmas. Hot co-op secretaries who are now not only attainable, but _interested_, someone finally slipping up and called Horton 'Santa Claus' within earshot. This faculty is certifiably nuts.

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Dad's tell moms...moms tell kids, normally in a round about way.

Just to let everyone know I am now in Athens, it is a zillion degree (about 19 C or more) and i am still dressed for english weather.
It is odd not to have any idea what people are saying.

Lets see how I do.

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Friday, December 05, 2003

Sab: If Dads never tell you that they're worried, how do you know that they are?

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Good news: My summer tires are only 60% worn. They'll do for another summer.
Bad news: The cold water pipe to my bathroom sink and toilet is frozen.
Good news: The water pipes to my kitchen sink and bathtub are fine.
Bad news: It's December. -15 C. February will be much colder.

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Well you know. After years of hanging around you guys, you begin to reconize the more significant CS people.
Just dont ask me to name them ;)

And now with 20 minutes left of work I am boared out of my tree. I have writen some good bye's to several people. And a lengthy email to my mother, who is out of her mind with worry about me being in a forein country. I love moms they are unbelievably non practical in their worry. Dad's are funny too. They worry, but never tell you they are worried. They just say hi next time they hear from you as if nothing is wrong.

Greg the next time someone sends you a chain mail letter invent one of your own which promises horrible side effects wheather or not they send it on to people or better yet, more like make the curse more specific, like should anyone return this to you all those who previous read it will have a horrible incedent.
Or for a more peaceful resolution ask them to remove you from the list of people they send it to.

By Sabrina - 10:18 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Dear annoyed:

Copying and pasting the damningly authoritative hoax / urban legend debunkings from Snopes.com into a 'reply to all', preferably preceeded by the phrase 'snoped, sucka!' or similar, is enough to embarrass people into reconsidering their wastage of otherwise useful bits. For some reason people sometimes seem to resent being corrected, but that's something they should just get over anyway.

Yours truly,

Dr. Netiquette.

By al - 10:13 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Dear Editor:

Some of my co-workers believe chainletters are true and feel the need to pass them on to me and everyone else in the office. I often "Reply to All" telling these people that it's a hoax. I've discovered that this is futile. What should I do?

Yours Truly,


By Silent_G - 10:09 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Blogger lesson #1 for the blogger neophytes:

To add a link to the links bar on the right:

1. in the upper right of the blogger screen (where you post messages) click on 'template'.
2. Scroll down about half way through the oodles of retarded looking CSS and HTML code until you find this:
<strong>Links</strong><br />
<!-- Hey dipshizzle, add yon links below >
<a href="http://theimmortalsco-opt.blogspot.com/">The Immortals</a><br />
<a href="http://blort.meepzorp.com">blort</a><br />
3.And just add your favourite web sites to the list, copying the <a href="blah.com">blah</a><br /> format.

4. Click 'Save Changes'

5. Click 'Posts' (next to 'Template' that you clicked on earlier)

6. Click the little 'publish' button at the far right in the center of the screen.

By al - 10:02 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Wow, sabrina, I didn't know you were a big enough fan of computer scientists to have recognized 4 of them. We have more in common than I thoght ;)

By al - 9:20 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

4/10. i only the got the ones I reconized correct.

By Sabrina - 7:26 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Hey guys, it is here. My last day of work in England. Now off to sunny Greece! Yeah, heat.

thinking to my self I know it will be so hot I won't know how to handle it. A side effect of living in newfoundland, anything over 20 degrees C and it is too warm for me. The oher possiblity is that it will rain the entire time I am there. Oh well that won stop me.

9 days to my return, 15 to the Duc's gig.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

The anime big-eyes facial style originated in North America. Tezuka, the originator of the manga style in japan says he borrowed the big-eye look from Betty Boop.

By al - 10:04 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

8 / 10, actually recognized a couple of them.

Fucking supervisor and Natalie and I went out for lunch today, ended up lasting about 3 hours. The two of them of course were getting paid, while I'll be here tonight working making up for lost time.

By al - 4:04 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

8 out of 10.

By Silent_G - 3:56 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I am glad to here graduate students who are having positive expreinces, during my bit of time in student politics I heard so much about students who have had horrible experiences.

Here is a hit to those who think it might be interesting to do grad studies. It can be really good, like alex or really bad like me, or worse, like my ex-roomate karen (she lived with me in second year) it can be a horrible nightmare that never ceases. Enter with caution.

By Sabrina - 10:57 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Binnie: As for you supervisor, if it was me, I would have told him off a long time ago. I know my mom would have. . . . to the point he would have been squeeling like a 6-year-old step child :-p I wouldn't apolize either for something stupid like "forgetting to say thank-you", especially when he's an obvious dickhead. Don't let him walk all over you like that, cause he'll just keep doing it. Next time he does, give me his office number. . . . I'll get my mom to scream at him!

Anyways, got the house keys on Tuesday. I've been busy moving small things and fixing things around the house. Hoping to have everything moved in on Friday or Saturday. . . . I'll keep everyone posted.

By Ming - 10:55 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I don't know what I'd do with a supervisor like that, I'm impressed that you stuck it out this long without going to the department head about it.

My supervisor kicks ass, on the other hand. We went up for beers yesterday afternoon at the grad house right before his last CS 2013 lecture of the term. Natalie and I tried to get him hammered before his lecture, but he knew what we were up to so we'll have to try again next time.

By al - 9:44 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I just need some where to type this out! I think the line has just been crossed by my supervisor and well I am about to cross it back.

We have been in comunication a fair bit lately, even though it took him three month to read 30 pages of my thesis, delaying me two more semesters for completion of my masters. And costing me an additional $800.
The man has been insulting in every email he sends me, yet I remain curtious in every responce and added the words thanks or thank you for your assistance to the end of pretty much every email. My last comunication I was rushed for time, having to do work and all, so I neglected to add those words. It was just an oversight.

He responds with:
A "thank you" would have also been nice to receive.
Paris (in Toronto)

So I appologies to him for the slip up. and I am willing to bet he will make nasty comment in return at which point I will be reporting him to some one. I am seriously at the end of my rope. I have remained polite to a man who has insulted me on a weekly basis over the last 30 months or so.....


By Sabrina - 5:04 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Winners of the Unnoficial Kuro5hin fiction challenge. Some imaginitive short stories here, the best as selected by K5's readership. An interesting experiment in what an online community can produce.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Bill Murray sings Lounge Lizard Star Wars. (mp3)

By al - 7:20 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

gee al that look mighty familiar.

By Sabrina - 5:19 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Looks yummy...

By al - 5:17 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Sam and Max are cooler than you. (flash)

By al - 2:14 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

BlogSpot sucks.

[edit] well, blogspot's back. That was a productive couple of hours, there...

By al - 10:40 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Monday, December 01, 2003

Golden Joystick. *snicker*

By TVT - 4:19 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I'm afraid the position of my antithesis is already filled by one Alex Campbell. It's been scientifically proven that we're the exact opposite in every fashion, except that we both kick ass. "Dirty Alex" and (apparently now) "Clean Alex", the yin and yang, if you will. The Regular Jeopardy and Rock'n'Roll Jeopardy grand champions.

In fact, if one were to position the two of us on opposite sides of the globe, and we were to each look down and say "you dirty slut' at the same time, the energy of sheer Alex-powerd awesomeness would create a resonance frequency that would blow the earth to pieces.

By al - 3:59 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

T: Are you sure this is wise? I'll never know what people are _really_ saying.

By Silent_G - 3:58 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

The blog is now truly, The People's Blog. :) Edit. Have fun. Be merry. And do things you never thought Tuan would let you do - like expose his love affair with Mitsubishis.

By TVT - 3:35 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I'm up for the hit counter. It'd be interesting to know if this site gets more than 50 hits per day.

And I want to see pictures of Unicron having his way with the bride's maids. You know - for educational purposes. I'm not really _in_ to that sort of thing...but now I'm curious.

By Silent_G - 2:53 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

In summation:

(1) The Destrango frightens me on a deeply scarring emotional level. I implore you to remove his grim visage from your site. Don't do it for me. Do it for the children.
(2) Parroting is my specialty.
(3) Profit.
(4) Actually we have more references to the Chinese Audubon Society than They Might Be Giants.
(5) Pi is exactly 3.
(6) Pants are foisted upon us by secular doctrine. I'm simply doing my part to expose the world to the beauty of His creation.
(7) Peter didn't invite me to his wedding. Meaning, I will have to send Unicron in my stead to devour the plastic bride and groom then have his way with the bride's maids.
(8) Alex is my antithesis.
(9) Wang.
(10) Yes, I am actually getting paid as we speak. Frightening, isn't it?
(11) Spinal Tap.

The People's Blog, also known as the blog formerly known as The Hallway is named for our living embodiment of communist China: Ming-Duc Wong. Truth be known, we are secretly cyber-squatting on this name waiting for the day you would reveal your coercive program of world domination. Aha!

Should you wish to own this glorious name please send $5.95 in a self addressed stamped envelope to me along with a picture of Jenna Jameson. That is all.

P.S. Buy Unicron.

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The People's Secret is Out.

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I must put a stop to this. The line shall be drawn here! This far! No further!

I mean, he beats me, stays out late at night, he never calls. I've just about had it with him.

Well one of these days I'm gonna stand up for myself. Because I'm drinking milk to make my bones and muscles strong. So one day I'm going to be taller than Unicron. You'll see.

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G: There was a Corvette in that picture?

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Congrats to Peter on getting married in the near future. Don't forget: H-rated tires. It's all about the H-rated tires.

T: I appreciate the red vette, but I'm not sure why you've been surfing for gay porn sites or for animals with big balls. Is there something you'd like to tell us about?

Nah, forget it. If I can look for info on the birthing process, you can look at half naked men just to see the C4 behind him. (That's the reason, right? Right?)

(For the record, I knew that Mario's suit was that of a tanuki.)

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Hey Peter! That is pretty cool. What's the lucky lady's name. I have been away so long I have totally lost tract of who is dating who. The feeling old thing. My friends getting maried and buying houses has little chance of comparing with my little sister getting maried. I think thing that takes the cake.
Well best of luck.

I have to complain to someone and bloggers are as good as anyone. Yesterday I finished my thesis for examination (I know it should have been done ages ago, but my supervisor had 30 pages for three months....put appropriate name calling here) This morning I was tracking off to work with it in my hand, and just as it would, it was raining (stupid english weather) I did however manage to get to work with it in my hand and still dry, but three minutes after I get to work, the wind takes it (some more curse words) and now instead of mailing it, I am reprinting it. (some more severe curse words.) Perhaps it is my own stupidity, but the stupid post office doesn't open until after I get to work and closes long before I get off work. The English really don't believe in convinience. Before the question is asked, I could so much as find a grocery bag to put it in......(again some nasty words)...

Grr., growl $@&*,

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For Greg.

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