Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Why Italy is different from the rest of Europe. (flash) I don't know enough about European stereotypes to know how true it is, but the little cartoon people are cute.

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Megaman vs. Metroid.

You're welcome.

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Monday, September 29, 2003

Divine Intervention
It's as if God, Himself, is speaking to me in plastic form. Wow.

Also, Soundwave is on the way. It's fucking Christmas in September I tells ya. ^_^ Now all I need is for them to re-issue Grimlock and I'm all set.

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Charlottetown hurricane damage pics. (via me)

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Who could have known there were so many gender stereotypes tied up in the used of power tools. (.mov) On the other hand, I have a whole new appreciation for the jackhammer.

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Click here to donate to my friend [ego surfing is bad for your health]'s Run for the Cure effort to help find a cure for breast cancer. Again, they automatically send you a tax receipt, so you get your donation back in April ;) Scroll down the page and tell me you can say no to that pretty face. ;)

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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Having just watched 4 hours of straight racing on TSN, F1 then CART Champ Cars, I say they need better microphones to pick up more of the racing sounds. The high-pitched whine that comes through just isn't remotely comparable to the thundering roar of actually being at the track.

There was an HD broadcast of the CART race at Road America a couple of months ago, and those lucky enough to be able to watch it with the right equipment said it was lightyears beyond normal racing coverage, both visually and aurally. I was skeptical of the need for HDTV rollout before hearing that. Between actaully being able to hear what a race really sounds like, and from the feedback I read, seeing little bumps and pieces of debris in the cars parts, and being able to see a hockey game where the puck is more than just a tiny blur, I say bring it on. I may even have a job and a house with enough room for a proper system by then :)

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I will be in Cookerville on the 10th. Whether I will leave after work is debatable as I plan on taking massive amounts of time off around that time. Tuan, if you find my car parked in your driveway and the front door open, it's just me playing DOAX in your living room :-p

G. The computer without sound problem could easily be fixed. For ~$600, I could get you a new computer. Or $40 could get you a cheap sound card, a pair of crappy computer speakers, take a screw driver from home and modify your work computer. . . If your computer at work has USB, there are external USB sound options. . . .

Anyways, back to work.

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I don't have a plan beyond "get your collective asses down to cookerville". Which Chantal seems to have missed, so I emailed her my home and cell #'s. As for ideas, I dunno, I'll be at the airport at 9. How's about you guys take off after work and meet me before that?

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Saturday, September 27, 2003

I might actually be leaving early. . . . that's almost unheard of. I fixed the last few things on the sim and then I spent the rest of the night talking with the techs and surfing the internet. All I need to do now is convince the project manager that I don't have to be here (shouldn't be a problem) and I'm on the next flight home. Well, factor some time in for some sightseeing of course.

So, what's then plan on the great Chantal arrival party? I promised that I would go to a wedding on the 11th in Bathurst, but aside from that I'm free and with a lot of vacation/banked hours left to spend.

Anyways, can't wait to get off night shifts. I don't think I've seen the sun in over a week. My current routine: Wake up around 6-8 pm. Eat supper and then work until 6-9am. Back to the hotel for breakfast. Shower and then sleep until 6-8 pm. Repeat. Trying to shop/sightsee under these conditions is pretty damn tough.

More when I get news of how much I can move my flight up. . . . or until I get bored babysitting the simulator.

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I just saw a silent version of "The Asian Squat". Funny. Now if only I had a computer with sound....

And I must see the C3. When is good for you, T?

And transformers rock.

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The engine block turns into the gun? Breathtaking. Really.

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I'm on yet another big TF kick. So sue me.

For THE DUC, an old school Toyota Celica (Downshift).

For Gregory, well I couldn't find a Civic, so the Honda City (Skidz) will hafta do.

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Friday, September 26, 2003

I'm a Toys R Us kid

Not only do I want Megatron more (stupid laws). I made the startling discovery he has company. Drool.

Oh. And the 'Vette Transformer is now standing next to Prime on my shelf. ^_^

Mock me if you must but do not speak ill of the squat. The squat is sound. The squat is rock solid.

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All I know is that if this girl is a fan of the squat, then I'm a fan of the squat.

Still not a fan of the toilets that make it manditory, though.

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I learned it from my dad

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I am the master of all forms of squat. The Asian Squat obviously being the superior form of squat. I can attest to this, as I have logged many hours playing videogames in my preferred stance. Many a foe has been sho-ryu-ken'd into submission via the Asian Squat.

While I can't speak for Him personally, I believe Jesus would prefer the Asian Squat - it's _that_ good. Why, I would even go so far as to say it's the most electrifying squat in sports-entertainment.

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"How to do the Asian Squat". (.mov)

via MetaFilter.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003

hey guys...this'll be my last post from korea for a while...I fly out at 5 pm today and spend the next 2 weeks with nat in victoria....gotta love this country for the job market though...my recruiter is meeting me at the air canada check-in desk to sign my next contract.

I fly into moncton at 9:30 pm on the 10th of October...I'll just assume that someone will be able to hang out for a bit since Ming was the only one to answer my call for a few good men the last time... :o(

And from the world of the last-minute-and-bizarre....my parents have decided to move to Alberta...High Prairie, Alberta...pop 3000 including the cows, and all I can think is 'why god, why?!?!!?!"

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I eat, live, breathe, GT. So I bring you this little oddity...

In addition to a standard time attack race, the Prius Trial Version enables players to race around a track attempting to conserve fuel at all points.

Ummmm, thanks? I guess...

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OK. From here on in, you are no longer allowed to make fun of Volvos. Not even pink ones. :)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Blasphemy? I think not. Greg's brother is sooo the man.

Our cars,
Which are from Japan
Subaru be thy name.
As powerful as they come
Rallying will be done
On this earth,
And probably in Heaven.
Give us this day
Our full tank of gas
And forgive us for passing,
As we laugh at those
Who try to pass us.
Lead us not into street drags
And deliver us from Mitsubishi.
For these are not worthy,
Our cars have ALL WHEEL DRIVE

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Monday, September 22, 2003

Why you should never photograph me at night...

I shoot frickin' laser beams at the camera.

That's my only slightly drunk friend zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, by the way.

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Perfect. Then you's can all get your collective asses down to Cookerville for the 10th. :)

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Greg: I am currently scheduled to return to the Island on October 5th. I will be attempting to get back earlier if at all possible. . . . The sim is supposed to go into RFT on October 1st, so unless something goes wrong, I could leave as early as the first.

Anyways, time for breakfast and then bed for another 6 hours or so. . . . wouldn't you guys love to have my job! Anyways, I haven't eaten for over 12 hours. Need food.

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Sunday, September 21, 2003

I Have Returned to Fredericton.

I want a Corvette Transformer.

I want to modify a real C3 in the same way.

I didn't post while in Alberta. I did have a laptop, but after a long Ming-like day away from the computer, I had very little desire to bother with it. There weren't many stories to tell either. Very few girls, no visits to the strip club 1 block away from my hotel (I'll probably return in the spring, so not all is lost), and only drove the 3/4-ton pickup a couple of times. Driving sideways in an RWD on dirt kicks ass. Really gets the heart pumping.

The trip was shorter than expected, mostly due to NO FREAKING WATER! (P.S. That's a necessity when trying to purify water, the water.) Excerpt from email to project manager: "We have xx cubic meters of water. That's enough for 1 day of operation. Not 2 months. 1 day."
Question from boss upon return to Fredericton: "How was the trip?" "I ate well. Lots of steak." "Did you collect enough data to design a system?" "I ate well."

I want a real-life corvette transformer.

And when's Ming coming back?

And I didn't get a chance to do any sightseeing. Saw lots of wildlife, but no wild life.

[Note to Tuan: In the Mountain Time zone, porn can be seen 3 hours earlier :) ]

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Why yes Greg, they did make a Corvette Transformer. :) He'll be added to the collective shortly, but what I reall want is a transformer that turns into an axe... or a watering can.

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

After a long-ass trip, got into Maastricht around noon. Made it in one piece too, luggage and all. The guy that was SUPPOSED to pick me up at the airport, forgot. . . . ended up taking a cab with what little local currency I had left to get to the hotel. At the hotel, I find out that AMEX didn't make a reservation for me so now I'm shoved into this closet of a room (at least it's a closet compared to the room I had last time).

The car arrangement this time around is pretty bad. 4 guys, 4 shifts, 2 cars. . . . not pretty. I really wanted to see more of Europe, but this could put a real damper to my plans. Granted, I have a lot of work to do before I can start thinking about stuff like that.

I passed out on the bed as soon as I walked into the room, really strange for me anyways; as tired as I was, I generally have enough willpower to take a shower first. Overall, I got maybe a couple of hours sleep, ate supper and off to work (and still going). Another hour, back to the hotel for breakfast and then finally I should be able to get some sleep.

One of the guys heard of some computer sale going on tomorrow. I'll try to head out to it, though I'm not too sure how much of a sale it will be; electronics around here tend to be more expensive to start with anyways. A pair of speaker might be nice for the room. I deleted all 2GB of MP3 on my laptop shortly before I left so the only music I have is on my minidiscs.

Trimmed down on the entertainment stuff this trip. Hopefully this helps motivates me to start reading again. At least start working on some of my D&D stuff :-) I've been trying to do that for the last two years.

As for Al's post from a few days ago: Yes, a white cop stopping a black man in a nice car is prejudice. I assume you were trying to illustrate that the cop MIGHT have a reason, other than race, but that statement is by itself flawed. I would rant on about "the incident", but I'm sure every that reads this is sick of it by now :-p

This is really starting to be a long post, catching up for all the time I didn't post while I was doing the work-eat-sleep-D&D routine. . . .

Chantal: honestly did you think you could arrive in Moncton and have nothing to do? Tuan has been planning this for. . . an hour probably. . . . maybe? Chantal will arrive in Moncton, however she will not leave Moncton. It all starts with the words: "Half price."

I think Chantal needs to experience the "People's 'S'", perferablely in the People's Celica. Then, she will then proceed to watch "Gone in 60 Seconds", buy a nice sports car, drive really really fast, and attempt to be like the great one, the most electrifying Asian in sports entertainment. . . . well, it works for Greg anyways :-)

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Friday, September 19, 2003

THE DUC has come back to Maastricht. . . . The Duc has been hearing rumours of people bad mouthing the Duc's work and has come back to lay the smackdown on those jabronies that speak ill of the Duc. THE DUC is the most ELECTRIFYING Asian in sports entertainment, the best damn IOS guru in the world and the Duc is going to whip all their caddy-asses back to school. . . . .

Now can you smell what THE DUC is cookin'?

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Using math and stats to pillage your rivals' treasure in Monopoly. Arrr! Methinks these landlubbin' sissies be on to somethin'!

By al - 10:45 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Aarrr.. So would you like your swash buckled or your buckle swashed?

Woe betide any swab who dare speak like a landlubber on this glorious day. The high-seas be ready to swallow any soul who crosses a pirate. Hope ye that your plank be short, for the sea be a refuge from your fate at our hands.


And me timber could use some shiverin' too, me hearties!

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chaos, chaos, chaos....I seem to attract it, it lives to keep me on my toes...I finally get around to calling my parents to inform them of my early return to the homestead to find out that the homestead is moving! That's right, my parents are moving to Northern Alberta!

So here I am all excited that I get to be back home and see everyone, but my parents leave the 25th of October or so and I find myself flailing at all the impending decisions; do I crash with friends and secondary family members until my next contract (which is 3 weeks) or do I fork out the extra money and fly out to High Prairie, AB to see the new place (assuming it's ready for a visitor that early)....or do I just go spend a third week with nat?

Also; just a general call out to Moncton *ahem*....I land in NB at the Moncton airport at 9:30 pm the night of Friday, October 10th...gee, it would really suck for lil' ol' me to have nothing to do to keep me company that night....a stranger in a big strange town could use the help of a few good men to help her out....woe is me....where ever shall I find men in that town and neighbouring towns trustworthy enough? *sighing, and batting eyelashes*

Added note: I've begun the investigation process into teaching in Japan my 3 rd year...be good to me boys, I hear visiting the country is much cheaper when your accomodations are free.....:op

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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Soo.. when's the Duck Hunt movie coming out? .mov

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Star Wars Kid thinks this guy sucks (wmv).

More here.

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Fark photoshop contests rule. Working doesn't rule.

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Apparently Sarah Polley is starring in a remake of Dawn of the Dead. My feelings on re-makes aside, I think I will go see it just for the hope that Sarah from Road to Avonlea gets eaten by zombies. I actually ran into her a couple of times in Charlottetown. Notwithstanding, seeing someone I've met in real life attacked and town apart by zombies is definitely being added to my to-do list.

Just hoping they won't pussy out and have the main character survive this one. That would make me angry beyond all description.

Another thing: George Romero is still alive and making movies, what the hell are they doing already re-making one of his own classics and not funding his new projects?

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Simpsons Update

Whoever dreamt up mixing Grand Theft Auto and the Simpsons is a genius. Creating only the 2nd Simpsons game to not suck big donkey penii. The first being that delighful old school Konami arcade beat-em up. Which I have on my harddrive. :)

Best. Simpsons. Game. Ever!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Sumi Das and Michaela Pereira (a canuck). I dig the women of color. Talk nerdy to me, indeed.

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My newscake ramblings.

By al - 11:11 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

China, you so rock, looking forward to adding taikonaut to my vocabulary.

Also, Hyundai has dropped out of the World Rally Championship after winning a hot cuppa jack squat. That's right. Take yer crap back to Korea where it belongs. :)

By TVT - 7:26 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

A couple of quick responses:

- I agree totally that no history should be glossed over. 200 yea of slavery has had a huge impact on American society. So has internment of Japanese during WWII, so has marginalizing of asians all across the country (this is actually worse in Canada, with the 'no chinese' immigration policies, etc). That doesn't take away from anything else, though.

- During segragation other non-whites didn't have it as bad as blacks, but they didn't exactly ride in teh front of the bus and get into all teh restaurants, either. Elimination os segregation helped everybody.

- (this is weird) Black is teh absence of colour when talking about light, but when talking about pigment, black implies 'most pigmented'. Aside from that, 'coloured' was a term used to specifically refer to african americans.

- Black guy gets pulled over in a nice car? It most definitely is prejudice, because it infringes on teh lives of law-abiding citizens for the simple fact that he's the wrong colour. Ask Ming abou his airport adventures for anoter example.

By al - 3:08 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Woo hoo political discussion on the blog! Is this a first? Tuanie likes. :)

Anyways, I feel left out. Why not a Million Yellow Man March or Asian History Month? I mean, you whities have every right to know the atrocities committed by the Japanese to the Chinese during WWII. Same as I have every right to be taught about the Civil War. Right?

Advancement of colored people? Last I checked (please feel free to flame me on this, I'm playing the advocate for the guy with the fire and bloodrain) black is the absence of color. And what's this 'race' bunk? We are one race, one species, there isn't enough variation in the genetic code to warrant outward displays of color discrimination. Heck, there isn't enough variation to warrant discrimination against primates.

If a black person gets pulled over in a nice car by a white officer, is that prejudice? Sometimes yes. If a black drug dealer gets shot for firing at white police officers, is that prejudice? To me, no. Would it incite violence if the town were segregated, sometimes yes. Now reverse the situation and black officers killed a whitey. Would this incite rage? I'm guessing not, s/he'd be just be another unlawful idiot.

I hate when common sense doesn't prevail. Equal rights for all but special rights for some? What will it ultimately take? Do we all need to be shot into space to exclaim: "Sweet crap the Earth is small! and what happened to all them lines?"

Thou shalt not wangeth thy fellow man.

By TVT - 2:05 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

"playing the race card" is an expression invented by people who formerly would have said "why don't those uppity coloreds stick to their place in society".

And 'language evolves, that's what's great about it' was not uttered by me. No one's forcing anythign on anyone, be it the NAACP or people who want to spend their lives with a same-sex partner.

Vermont's Civil Union Act is I think the perfect solution, since the government shouldn't be involved in any institution which organized religion has control over. Separation of church and state and all taht.

By al - 12:49 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Oh I don't doubt that the NAACP has done a ton of good. My mentioning of it was in regards to the few cases where the race card is played which further inflames the issue causing more harm than good. The double standards have got to go too. Is "that word" offensive or not? It's all a matter of situation and context. And what is the correct manner in which to address your American-ness?

Also, why don't the rest of us get to make up words? We're missing out on all the fun. Although, I am making up for this deficiency by using 'wang' a heckuva lot. Like "Alright you gooks, who wanged the server?".

Let me rephrase my statement. I will openly discriminate against extremists. So PETA, you can go fuck yourselves. I know what my incisors are for.

...and I am soooooo robbing the Kwik-E-Mart.

By TVT - 12:31 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

History and some of the noted accomplishments of the NAACP. Well worth the read. They've done a lot of work to fight against institutional racism and official segregation policies. Please please please, don't ever mention them in the same breath as that other group.

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Since this has been in the news lately. Why are we still living in the stone age? Are we so backwards as to think there's any real meaning to pair bonding for life? I mean "I do" doesn't really mean "I do" does it? It's more like "I do, until I sign a legal document saying I don't, cause I caught you with the mailman".

Now I'm all for discrimination - only when it causes society significant damage. I will discriminate against those who discriminate against others. KKK, NAACP, I'm looking at you. I will discriminate against murderers, rapists, car salesmen, the pope, as I see fit. But the "other team"? Sure I make jokes about them, just as I make jokes about the French. Yet there's no real malice there or animosity.

I mean, the whole point of having two sexes is that whole reproduction thing right? I just feel their mission statement is contrary to the deal. But I do agree with their platform 'in spirit'. It's hard enough finding the right person to connect with on that soulmate level. Why restrict the search to one sex? I mean if it's your kinda thing and the opposition likes it in the pooper, so much the better eh? Oh but I kid, the frou-frou have just as much right to happiness as everyone else.

The Canadian Alliance is right about one thing this isn't a civil or racial rights issue, it isn't in the same league. No, to me, this is bigger. This is a human fucking rights issue (double-entendre ahoy!). Give it a rest people, let's take a step forward and not back. If ya wanna go back we might as well all take the colored bus and keep our women folk at home. Sheesh.

I dunno. Maybe all the Alliance wants is their butch names back, like Lance and Butch. I'm sorry to disappoint you gentlemen, they're gone. Let them go. Be thankful I didn't say Richard...

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*cough* videogames *cough*

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Blog comment engine:

Go here: http://www.haloscan.com/ to get a good, free blog comment engine. That way our strange arguments over who makes the best cars we can't afford will be in the right order. Plus if we actually have any fans we'll know. :)

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The first rule of blogging is...

Everybody hads to mention Sept 19th: Talk Like a Pirate Day.

By al - 11:00 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Sleeping positions and personality traits

via asthekitchensinks.com - Melissa Pickard's Blog.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

OK. Now I know I've sworn off RPG's since Final Fantasy 8. While they're fun, they do get very formulaic and the save the world from destruction plot wears thin after the nth iteration. Plus encountering random battles when all you want to do is advance the freakin plot gets on my nerves. However, there are exceptions to the rule.

1. If you have mechs. I will play you. And hence Xenosaga, last February, broke a 1 and a half year no-RPG streak.
2. If you resemble Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre in any way. I will play you. And so a little known sleeper hit called Disgaea has stolen my gaming heart.

Disgaea, quite frankly, rocks. I can't stress that enough people. Let me break this down into a Duc-ensian form for you:
1. it has anime characters
2. it has Japanese voice acting
3. did I mention it has anime cuties?

Fuck this amateur shit. I'm thinking I've got a good shot at turning pro.

By TVT - 9:55 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Fuck. Yeah.

By TVT - 3:50 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I hate negotiating....I hate negotiating in a country who doesn't think that changing all terms in the new contract at the time of signing is wrong....and so it stands that I have booked my flight home...I fly into Moncton on the 10th of October....good thing I wasn't really excited about re-signing.....

By chantal - 12:44 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Bigger and Better

By al - 12:01 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

NASA's Office of Space Science is also weighing a proposal for the Jupiter Polar Orbiter with Probes (JPOP) mission under the New Frontiers program. JPOP calls for a dedicated spacecraft to conduct a detailed survey of Jupiter's polar region from orbit and release planetary probes to penetrate deep into the planet. The next New Frontiers mission, be it to Jupiter or no, is slated for launch in 2009. :-)

By TVT - 9:19 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

How Bill Gates spends his spare cash: Fuck it, I'll just quote the slashdot blurb:

Soon there will be a 'new' Porsche 959 racing down highway 520 in Redmond. This article in autoweek describes how Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Ralph Lauren teamed up with Bruce Canepa to make the 959 street legal. Best quote: Gates 'suggested to Canepa that perhaps they could federalize the car by buying a number of sacrificial 959s to "crash and test."' They modernized and increased the performance of the already super car to: 575HP making the 15 year old cars race to 60 in 3.3 seconds with a top speed of 215MPH."


The all-wheel-drive, twin sequential turbo 959 was conceived to serve as Porsche�s entry into the FIA�s stillborn Gruppe B rally-racing class

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My new political party:

The Neo-WHIG Manifesto

By William James Madison Grim

What We Believe

1. Looking good on camera does not make one an expert at anything (except looking good on camera). The combined IQ of Hollywood is less than the total number of teeth of three randomly selected West Virginians.

2. Political correctness is a polite expression for Stalinism. Vegetarians are basically evil people. (Hitler was a vegetarian.) And Tea-Totalers are condemned to Eternity to Hell. (Jesus drank wine and that's good enough for me.)

3. High culture is better than pop culture. Stephen King sucks; Thomas Pynchon is a genius. Rap is not music. The path from Duke Ellington to Snoop Doggy Doggy has not been one of evolutionary ascendancy.

4. Globalism is good. Starbucks is good; Coca-Cola is good; Barnes & Noble is good. And let's face it, most independent bookstores suck out the wazoo.

5. People who don't like jazz are communists and/or perverts.

6. The Dixie Chicks are not hot; Shania Twain, on the other hand, is mega-hot.

7. Too much money is spent on the retarded. We want it drastically reduced. Besides, it's not like they'll even notice it.

8. The Death Penalty is good and its use should be extended, perhaps to overdue library books or spammers

9. The designated hitter rule is an abomination and should be eliminated from the American League.

10. Soccer is a sissy sport.

11. Groundhog Day should be a national holiday.

12. Speed limits and parking meters should be unconstitutional.

via MetaFilter.

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Monday, September 15, 2003

I read that space.com article earlier. Good read. Valid points. Then I read through some of the slashdot responses. Sweet Zombie Jesus I could go on about the infancy of the human race but I won't. Why explore? Because it's fucking there. Why do anything? Why wake up in the morning? Why divert a good chunk of your budget into killing your fellow man?

I'm guilty. Guilty of being human. We react. That's what we do. Do I honestly give a damn about the homeless? No. Will I, if I find myself on the streets? You're damn right I would. Same goes for natural disasters, diseases, wars, you name it. The point is, we don't give a rat's ass until something happens.

One of the comments on slashdot that was so eloquoently put was: "fuck space". Sure. Keep the military budget as bloated as it is. Fix the problems at home. End world hunger and all that. Win that Nobel. It's all for naught anyways.

One errant chunk of space rock goes undetected cause we couldn't be bothered with gazing skywards will take care of that. Although I'll be long dead if it happens, it would be comforting to know we're a 2 planet species, or beyond...

The whole reason for our existence is to accrue knowledge. Whether it be about the cosmos, videogames, life, love, what have you. It would be counterproductive to have that snuffed out in the short period of time we've existed.

I guess the universe truly is devoid of intelligent life. Sigh. Sorry about the rant. This stuff just really bugs me. I swear I grew up in the wrong decade.

By TVT - 1:26 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Top 10 Reasons For a Space Program.

My #1 reason would be that it's a great way for a big country to wave its dick around without having to bomb anyone.

via /.

By al - 9:22 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Fucking sunburns.

You'd think I'd learn.

By al - 9:12 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Well I'm back and feeling quite good considering. In the end there were more NRC people than CS grads participating in our team, but it's all good. Ran the 10km in 45:00, despite a killer heartburn from thinking leftover pizza and yogourt would ba a good breakfast. In total there were about 200-250 participants according to one of the volunteers I was talking to.

And Tuan == teh man. Thanks much dude, truly appreciated. I'm kicking in a few $$$ myself, and am going to bug a few more vict .. er close friends as well.

By al - 5:28 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I know this isn't funny, but what the hey. Just don't ask me to give blood. :-)

By TVT - 2:29 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

In the words of my hated enemy - The French - "bonne chance".

Mr. O'Neill you have your fiddy. And if anybody asks, I did it to secure another spot on the google search. Now run your ass off. Run I say! I think it'd be more interesting if they combined the Terry Fox Run and the Running of the Bulls. Wouldn't you agree? I mean, if I entered, then I'd have incentive to run. Like not getting wanged in the ass by an irate bull. I'd look back and pity all the smokers as they get quashed under foot. While I ran like a glorious gazelle down the street, only to realize I'm in worse shape. Ummmm... yeah... call me when they have a rally for some cause. I'm sure Greg and Ming would risk their lives and vehicles for that. I know I would. :)

By TVT - 2:08 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Click here to be a good citizen and donate to my Terry Fox run pledge sheet online. My grandmother died of cancer so I have a personal reason to participate along with the CS grads team. Wish me luck at any rate.

By al - 11:51 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Classic video game knowledge crops up at odd times. Like last night I was out at a jazz concert as part of the harvest festival, and the opening act, a nice little drums, guitar and bass trio from New Brunswick, played a classic blues standard called "St. Thomas". All I could think as the song startes was "holy fucking shit, it's Dr. Mario!"

By al - 1:56 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Saturday, September 13, 2003

I made the mistake of getting a Commodore 64 over an NES. Granted, the C64 did have some cool shit. However, I did not miss out on the Atari, thank God. The only time one should ever feel old is in the following situation: "What?!? You're FIFTEEN?! Awwww crap..."

Useless trivia: Rare is now Microsoft's bitch (formerly being Nintendo's whore).

By TVT - 9:55 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Re: Second-person shooter

That definition is a perfect description of the first boss fight in Battletoads for the NES, where you pick up shit and throw it at the boss, and you see all the action from a camera lens from the boss guy's perspective.

Looks like Rare beat everybody by about 14 years. (fuck I feel old)

By al - 6:44 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Friday, September 12, 2003

Why do I get the feeling they left out the part about pistols being fired into the air during the applause part. ;-)

I don't have any issue with the Canadian right to bear arms, I'm more concerned about my one man crusade for hot chicks to-

By TVT - 2:38 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Crap! Someone beat me to my unoriginal idea.

By TVT - 1:24 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

come and knock on our door, we'll be waiting for you...

Dang. Jack Tripper has also left the building.

By TVT - 12:31 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

"The dinosaurs are not around today because they did not have a space program." - Arthur C. Clarke

Sigh. Ya'll are idiots.

By TVT - 12:00 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Well, you wonder why I always dress in black,
Why you never see bright colors on my back,
And why does my appearance seem to have a somber tone.
Well, there's a reason for the things that I have on.

I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down,
Livin' in the hopeless, hungry side of town,
I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime,
But is there because he's a victim of the times.

I wear the black for those who never read,
Or listened to the words that Jesus said,
About the road to happiness through love and charity,
Why, you'd think He's talking straight to you and me.

Well, we're doin' mighty fine, I do suppose,
In our streak of lightnin' cars and fancy clothes,
But just so we're reminded of the ones who are held back,
Up front there ought 'a be a Man In Black.

I wear it for the sick and lonely old,
For the reckless ones whose bad trip left them cold,
I wear the black in mournin' for the lives that could have been,
Each week we lose a hundred fine young men.

And, I wear it for the thousands who have died,
Believen' that the Lord was on their side,
I wear it for another hundred thousand who have died,
Believen' that we all were on their side.

Well, there's things that never will be right I know,
And things need changin' everywhere you go,
But 'til we start to make a move to make a few things right,
You'll never see me wear a suit of white.

Ah, I'd love to wear a rainbow every day,
And tell the world that everything's OK,
But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back,
'Till things are brighter, I'm the Man In Black.

By al - 9:22 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Star Wars meets Flashdance. And yes. It's good. Mecha. Skin tight outfits. Techno score. I'm lovin it. I've also died quiet a few times. It's so refreshing when a game offers up a real challenge. I'm so out of shape it's not funny, but I'm getting back into the groove. The twitch reflexes are returning to me. The old school shooter is back. And speaking of backs. Best. Ass-physics. Ever. Thank you Capcom.

By TVT - 10:10 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Bear in tree, animal control, trampoline. hilarity ensues. (mpg)

via MetaFilter.

By al - 6:13 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Some scientists say music is ubiquitous in Nature (Earth itself hums a tune) and shows up in the arrangements of the planets, in seascapes, and even in our brainwaves. A few researchers have gone so far as to suggest, without any observational studies done of in-shower singing, that humans are born musical.

Space.com article on black hole music and our own planet.

Very cool. Notice I resisted the urge to use vulgarities. Crap. I am of weak will. It's very _fucking_ cool.

By TVT - 11:46 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

That was seriously fucking funny. Best post ever! And in that same vein...

"I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on Mars and returning him safely to the Earth." - George "dubyya" Bush.

Sigh. A man can dream...

By TVT - 2:51 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

newly disclosed moon landing footage. The real truth finally comes out.

Also, further to the political subject posted below, I'd like to re-affirm my position that George W. Bush can lick maple syrup from my asshole.

By al - 1:36 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Sorry. I'm a little political today, headline. I only find that mildly amusing because maybe if you cocks hadn't stalled START-2 and insist on that goddamn missile shield tomfoolery, I'd have a few thousand less warheads to worry about! Whoa. Where'd that come from? I'm feeling all 'Ming' right now.

By TVT - 12:02 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Was there a guy with an Anstey 3:16 sign waiting for you at the airport?

People's 'S' Update: a Mazda MX-6 Mystere tore through the 'S' while I was driving it (normally). Granted, if he made a mistake I'd be on the receiving end of it. But it was heartwarming to know that there are others who use that strip of twisty road for it's God intended purpose. Saw a BMW go at a fairly fast clip later on in Cookerville too.

By TVT - 8:52 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I made it to Alberta. But I'm very, very tired. And this is a 28.8 connection. And I can only dream of seeing the Japanese Cheerleading championships. Although, now that I'm this far from home, it's probably shorter to continue on to the home islands. Ja, mata ashita.

By Silent_G - 1:25 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Monday, September 08, 2003

Did we break the Bloogle Ads?

By TVT - 11:59 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

This blank space brought to you by Al.

By al - 11:33 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Phew. A lil low on sleep, but that's what coffee's for. Wheeeeee!

By TVT - 8:38 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Yes I know I've got to get up early tomorrow but goddamn I do so enjoy being reminded of why I'm a gamer every now and then. It's that good. Long live 2D gaming! So what's Final Fantasy Tactics like on the Gameboy? It's like chess... only nerdier, much, much nerdier. So many rules, so many spells, so much strategy, I'm in love.

By TVT - 1:19 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Your friendly neighbourhood fanboy says:
Ming. err... I mean THE DUC. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. This Week. Buy It. Or copy it. ;)

By TVT - 11:29 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

There are negatives to owning an mp3 deck - namely increased fuel costs. Why? Because being at one with one's car and music is quite possibly life's greatest pleasure. Having 200+ songs instead of 20 odd tunes at your fingertips only furthers the cause. I predict more road trips in my future...

Yes I'm back on a huge music kick after converting a 3rd of my CD collection into mp3 form. Sooo many plastic discs *ugh* but it'll all be worth it. Who knows? maybe I'll get one of those 30 gig iPod dealies. Ideally I'd like to have _every_ song I like on one small portable device. This device would also plug into the car deck/home stereo/PC so I'll only ever need one of these things. Also, it would sense what song I want played by reading a microchip lodged in my brain (or some other less painful method). The AI would be able to predict what song to play next for a particular mood and scour the internet for tunes that might interest me. Damn. I would pay good money for that.

An intelligent soundtrack to one's life. I'm likin that. Maybe the Japanese are working on it...

Normally I'd say somthing about a certain someone leaving on a certain jet plane, but that's reserved for THE DUC. ;)

By TVT - 11:18 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Obsessive nerd fact of the day

In memory of Greg, who would love this shit, and it's alberta related. How Canadian Postal Codes Work.
The town of Raymond, Alberta got its postal code changed to T0K 2S0 from T0K 1Y0, because their mail kept ending up in Japan.

By al - 6:02 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Dr. Claw's face ... revealed at last. (do you really want to look?)

via Fark.

By al - 2:29 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Exactly. I've taken to completely replacing the ho-hum sandwich with the more hip sammich in my daily speech. I will also go to great lengths to correct people on this. Which is probably why my co-workers refer to me as 'that weird guy'. But that's besides the point, now get in the kitchen and make me a sammich!

MeFi? MechanicalFidelity? MenFirm?

By TVT - 12:46 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

My turbo10 flamebait really riled up the MeFi crew when I posted that little bit of trollage :)

Sammich From urbandictionary.com:

A sandwich, with connotations of extra goodness. For example, if you pour gravy on a roast beef sandwich, you now have a roast beef sammich.
Subway sells sandwiches, but I'd rather go home and make a sammich.

The barrel loving, mushroom gobbling, Newfie way of saying sandwich.
Ashton starts everyday with sleazy barrel love and a plate of mushroom sammiches

The sole purpose of women on this earth is to make this item usually made with peanutbutter and jam
Dammit hoe get ur phat ass up and go make me a sammich biatch!

By al - 12:36 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Ahem. "Turbo10 will be bigger than google; jesus." - Al :)

Goddamit! Now The Holy Freakin Father is in the Google/Blogger ads or as I like to call it... Bloogle.

Yes I'm jealous of the hot asian cheerleaders and the sammiches. Now if you'll excuse me, I must get re-acquainted with my hand.

By TVT - 12:23 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

If I was givent the choice between losing a best friend and losing Google.. well, I have lots of friends, but there's only one Google. happy birthday, dearest search engine of them all. But is Google ... God?

By al - 11:37 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

My plan to gain world domination using the sandwich.

By al - 7:22 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

how to make guy friends jealous:

so yesterday I was so bored that I decided to watch whatever was on an asian sports channel...what did I end up seeing? I ended up watching the 2003 Japanese Cheerleading championships. Couldn't tell if they were high school or university students...either way they were peppy, athletic, jumping short-skirt wearing japanese girls....are you jealous yet?

did I mention short skirts?

By chantal - 12:35 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Hooray for wuss pop! It's like J-pop only in engrish! And yes I'm listening to that catchy So Yesterday single from throw away chanteuse of the moment Hilary Duff. :) Ummmm... in between sessions of The Hives and The Vines of course.

By TVT - 11:54 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Saw an ad for this website in my Street Fighter comic. I figured it may be of interest to a reader of this blog. Namely - THE DUC.

By TVT - 10:35 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

If I was a drinking man, I'd have one of these or these.

By TVT - 10:22 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

From a slashdot article further discussing the origins of our favourite number:
Douglas Adams admittedly was a big fan of Earl Grey tea. Here's his enlightening entry in H2G2 on the subject (pretty much straight out of The Salmon of Doubt). And those familiar w/ the Hitchhiker's Guide will remember the drink dispenser from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe which, trying to figure out how to brew the perfect cuppa, grabs all available computing resources on board a certain starship. What a coincidence then that one of the finest blends of Earl Grey on the planet in general and in the UK in particular is Harrods' Earl Grey, Blend No. ... 42 . It's a plausible theory as to the origin of the answer to everything, isn't it? Earl Grey addicts like myself will certainly agree (even though Douglas liked his w/ milk; I prefer lemon). So, what would be the question? Perhaps, how about a nice cup of tea?

By al - 9:20 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Google knows the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

By al - 6:52 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

My mind's eye wanders.
Chantal in her birfday suit.
You all know the line.

And what's a sweetheat? :)

By TVT - 1:57 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Thanks al for the b-day pancakes! You are a sweetheat and I greatly appreciate it!!! Going to Bennigans for dinner tonight to celebrate...it's a great restaurant and there are about 12 of us going...should be a good time...could only be made better if you were going to be there too :o)

As for certain exboyfriends, if I get told one more time that being a 25 year old woman equates me to a 40 year old man, someone's going back to Canada minus one nut.....

that is all.

By chantal - 1:21 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Friday, September 05, 2003

I would hate to make this seem like I'm jumping on the "let's harass chantal because she isn't protesting so she must enjoy the attention" bandwagon, but I would like to wish her a lovely birthday all the same. I konw technically it's no longer her birthday in Korea, but since she was born on this continent, I'm still technically not too late.

Have some pancakes:

By al - 5:29 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Well, this is probably the last post for a bit. First Aid training tomorrow and Sunday; plane trip Monday morning. Get in Edmonton about 11:30 their time. I presume to have internet access where I'm going - the coworkers want daily updates, and there's a modem in the laptop (Inspiron 1100, 2.2GHz). And given the probable lack of entertainment and Ming-like schedule, I'll probably be busy.

But here's some poetry for Chantal before leaving:

Roses are red.
Violets are good.
Chantal is naked.
Damn. I have wood.

By Silent_G - 5:04 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Thursday, September 04, 2003

For the fickle.

By TVT - 2:15 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

pull my finger, goddamnit.

By al - 1:40 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Should you decide to call me, rest assured the conversation will follow a similar tone, if not word for word. I'm sure Gregory can attest to that. Oh and word to the wise, when installing a new mp3 car deck, make sure to keep your fingers away from the sharp metal bits. I have a delightful pain in my pointy and swearing fingers. No matter, after a hearty regimen of Street Fighter, they'll be right as rain.

By TVT - 10:39 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

*looks over at Greg* You did the stare and drive on her didn't ya? He got that from me. *wink*

Go Binnie! It's y0 birfday! We gon' party like it's y0 birfday! 'Sip Bacardi...

Finally - The Binnie - has come - back... oh wait, wrong person, my bad. :)

By TVT - 11:48 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Whoring for referrals

Unabashedly pimping the website of a few fellow MetaFilter members. Actually a good central 'weird shit on the net' repository.


By al - 10:52 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Happy Birthday, Sab!
If you want, I could compose
Some porn for you too.

Can also be applied in
A chemistry lab.

Handsome Englishmen.
Lots of space on a lab bench.
A Happy Binnie.

By Silent_G - 9:55 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment


As a present, I shaved a cat for you so you can cuddle it without allergic vengeance.

By al - 9:18 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment


By chantal - 8:17 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

THAT IS HILARIOUS!!....i am very impressed by your creativity, and you know i'd never want to interrupt a poet...but well...i don't know ...does there have to be sooo much talking?

By chantal - 8:16 a.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Hey, C:

The first lesbian bi-racial haiku porno plot:

Teacher, I've been bad.
I think I need to be spanked.
Is now a good time?

Bend over my knee.
My right hand and your young ass
Will get acquainted.

Must you hit so hard?
My yellow ass is now red.
Please stop. I'll be good.

You whine way too much.
Your choice: my hand or the whip.
And fondle yourself.

I'm sorry teacher.
Can we please kiss and make up?
I've learned my lesson.

mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmm
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmm

C, you may make changes as you see fit, or add more verses, another scene, etc. ^_^

By Silent_G - 6:33 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Monday, September 01, 2003

Geggie Likes

The Duc, as one of your millions and millions of fans I implore you to get this custom license plate. And THE PEOPLE cried out and decreed that the Duc-Mobile needed a name. So it is written. So it shall pass. Behold! The most electrifying asian in sports-entertainment's phat ride!

By TVT - 10:45 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Email from my sister in response to my Miss Fran / Leo DiCaprio discovery: (apprently ignorant of the power of the MILF)
Hello!! Have you forgotten that I am an extremely
intelligent person who does not give a tiny rat's ass
what or whom celebrities do. I assure you the level
of respect i once had for you has gone way down. I now
suspect you of watching entertainment tonight and
reading the enquirer while on the shitter. However I
will forgive you this once for knowing something so
utterly inane and even for visiting a Leonardo Dicaprio
web page as long as you promise never to send me an
e-mail updating me on Jen and ben.

By al - 10:15 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I learned from the master

Do you currently have a boyfriend?
Are you into videogames?
How about cars?
Can I have your phone number?
Will you go out with me?
What school are you teaching at?
Are there any cute korean girls where you teach?
Do they have boyfriends?
Can I call them?
Will they go out with me?
I meant the girls.
Do you have any cute friends?
Do your friends have any cute friends?
What profession?
Are they single?
Do you have a pet?
Is the pet hot?
Can I get any action, with said pet?

By TVT - 10:06 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

I have discovered (much to Greg's chagrin) that I can talk on the phone and piss at the same time. Crap. Did I just type that? Right. Right. No monologue.

By TVT - 9:54 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

The Top 10 Coolest Things About The Big Lebowski.

Donnie's funeral being my all-time favourite scene.

By al - 8:41 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Why blogsnooping is so much fun:

In 1988 I was a senior in high school. I had a incredibly bad acid trip on some double-dipped, jumbo-sized blotter that was going around called "New World". I was alone in the middle of the night when the bottom fell out. It was terrifying � dramatic visual hallucinations, covered-in-spiders-feeling, body cramps, my mind screaming with it's own angst-ridden teenage demons... I'd lost it so bad, that the stories about the hippies that "never came down" crossed my mind. In my deeply-addled state I was absolutely convinced that this was what had happened to me, and I was now doomed to seeing the faces of screaming, strobe-light-flashing, cats (ala The Incredible Shrinking Man) whenever I closed my eyes.

Well, at this point I decided to kill myself, in order to just make the insanity stop. It was a perfectly practical decision. Since I was "perfectly sure" that I'd have nothing in life to look forward to but being a guy walking down the street grabbing at imaginary flies, I figured that death was the dignified way out. I'd gotten an X-acto knife out of my desk and was ready to slash my wrists when, out of the racket in my head, came a single, clear, gentle voice (with accompanying internal visual): Les Nessman.

It said: "When I get confused, I watch TV. TV is so [draws a square in the air with his fingers]s-i-m-p-l-e, somehow..."

This stopped me. Suddenly it all made sense. "Yeah... tv! Why didn't I think of it?!?" I flopped down on my bed, turned on my little b&w 13" inch television and found the most stupid sitcom available, and managed to relax enough to ease down. I spent the next 6 hours watching television and making trips to kitchen for color-coordinated snacks. (I.E, cheddar cheese, orange juice � milk, white chocolate chips, yogurt � tomato juice, twizzlers... color coordination was much more important than taste at the time.)

I owe the last 15 years of my life to that show's wisdom. Don't tell me there's nothing to discuss, buddy.

By al - 7:57 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

Wow. Geggie's online. Here ya go:

By TVT - 1:58 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

More car fun. Anti-SUV and anti-rice article.

And a multi-media presentation on How to Cook Rice.

By Silent_G - 1:47 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

World beard championshop eh? If I had known I wouldn't have shaved last summer. Still it give me somthing to strive for.

By Peter - 12:15 p.m. | (0) comments | Post a Comment

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