Wednesday, November 05, 2003

T: She's taken. Frequently. :-)

Yellow Lion it is.

It amuses me that the atlantic regional motorsports people's acronym is ARMS. It's almost gunlike, somehow. It amuses me. Perhaps, someday, I'll make a pun on the whole thing. Perhaps a 'drive-by' event? Hmmm... I'll keep working on that.

And it's good to hear from Ming. You'll be sure to tell us what your winter beater is, won't you? And please don't be offended if I accidentally use the term 'crapalier' to refer to the bottom end of the GM line. It's a bad habit I've picked up from lowmotion. You know, you could buy a mini-home. Live in a trailer park. Call yourself Ricky. Run a brothel. Sell drugs. A lifetime of excitement awaits you in the land of 'houses-with-wheels'. Oh. You _don't_ want to be lower-middle class. My bad. :( Just as well. The only girls of breeding age in my neighborhood have, well, already bred and have a litter of their own. By the way, how's your sister doing these days? I haven't seen her since she cooked me a steak a couple of years ago.

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