Wednesday, November 05, 2003

just found out my official departure date back to Korea.....I fly out of Edmonton on the 11th of November and land in Incheon on the 12th... looking forward to being back on Korean soil...being home was fun but I've had enough of dealing with my parents for a while!

Ming...does your mom expect to live with you and buy the house together?! If it were my mom ( or stepmom for the sake of using a viable live model :o) ) I would take that as incentive enough to either spend the rest of my life in an apartment or buy the house under cover and tell her I'm renting it for the rest of my life...

On a completely unrelated tanget...did you guys see the article in the National Post regarding organised crime in Canada? It broke down which org. crime groups had precedence in each province....who had dominance in NB...I shit you not it was the Vietnamese gangs....?! Anyone else confused by that one?

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