Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I'm my own grandpa.

First: Al is lucky because his name is that of an elemental symbol in the periodic table.
Second: Ming is unlucky because his mother doesn't know as much about houses as he thinks she does. I bought my house without parental approval or consent. You can do the same. Just find yourself a good home inspector who does this sort of thing for a living. Or, to save $300/house, find someone else who owns a house.
Third: I don't intend to go to the 8:30 meeting. Have you read the Snyper/icandi thread? These lomo members are harsh! Let me summarize the (>70, at last count) posts:
A,B: Check out our cars!
C: Your cars rock!
D: Your cars suck!
B: I'm a girl. You're picking on me.
E: D has money and has lost touch.
D: You suck.
E: No you suck.

No, really. That will save you 15 minutes of your life. And turn off that part of your brain that likes to read articles with no spelling or grammar mistakes. cause you aint gunna fine nun thear.

I've been in contact with some of the FMC people. There's an ARMS meeting this weekend, and more will be known then. I hope to learn something next week. In the mean time, I'm going to 'steer clear' of the ricer crowd. They don't seem to get along well. Not like you people [/envy]

Oh, and 2 more things: Ben dressed up as a woman for anime last week. It wasn't halloween. He just dressed up as a woman.

And the last thing? I HAVE INITAL DEEEEEEEEE ^_^ All of it. On VHS. I have to return it in 1.5 weeks, so I've got a lot of TV to watch.

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