Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I know Tuan would be upset if I didn't throw my two cents in to this conversation (he does call me Dr. love after all). And why I agree with Al's comment, I think there is another part to it.

Popular culture essentially paints most nice guys as being either A) scumbags in disguise trying to get into a girls pants or B) characters that aren�t humanized enough to be a believable male image or C) as guys who are just there as background filler instead of the leading man role. Now I'm not saying any of these is true, but those are the image that are ingrained upon us by the media. I think this leads to a state of cynical-ness in women (please forgive these broad statement, I don't want to be stereotypical, but making this argument too politically correct would be a pain in the ass). So a women meets a guy who is nice, and then will try and slot the guy into a category. Unfortunately, the "nice guy" category has been tainted so that if a guy falls in this category, red flags go up. So on a subconscious level maybe you don�t trust the nice guys because of this.

Another reason sometimes is women assume that they don�t deserve a nice guy, so they automatically assume that if a nice guy is interested in them that something must be wrong with them. Sounds crazy but I�ve encountered this more than once in my days of doing love counseling (spend 4 years as a proctor, and you�ll get a good understanding of the university aged female psyche)

Or it could be the simple fact that you have good intuition and he really is in sheep clothing. Never sell your guts feelings short.

Ming: I need a server. I want to have a headless linux box that I can run apache, tomcat, mysql and probably samba of. essnetially it will be a web/application server taht I will use as central storage for my home network. I figure if any one cna help build me a good machine at an even better prioce your the man. Let me know...

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