Friday, October 31, 2003

A pistol, huh? Well, the rules are a little different. Yelling the phrase previously described doesn't quite work for pistols. And you do need to change your attire. There are many choices available to the young man these days. You can try the "Dirty Harry" approach (best used for larger revolvers), the "Chow Yun-Fat" approach (best used when you have at least 2 guns and you're asian), the "Punk" approach (a 'piece' stuck in the waistband of your pants, to be pulled out and held sideways at the dude who's on 'your turf'), and various others. One of my favorites is the 'holster carry', where you have your piece on a hip holster in full view of everyone (note that it's not actually necessary to hold the gun - you just need to look at it periodically), which commands respect from all who see you, without the need to appear aggressive. Other variations have a shoulder holster hidden inside a jacket, whereby, once again, you don't need to hold it - you just open your jacket to show the person that you're carrying. It's a more stealthy approach, and leaves most passersby wondering why you're smiling to yourself all the time, even in the proximity of 'those kinds' of people.

Like art, there are many styles, and you're free to choose your own. Enjoy the purchase of your P38. The Germans thank you.

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