Sunday, October 05, 2003

T: A good read on the history of Mitsubishi and their marketing strategy.

But the same problems are always evident: Cars are much more powerful than necessary for the roads they drive on. Even those of us with lowly econoboxes find ourselves hampered by the legal speed limits, and when we ignore them completely, we find that the maximum speed of the major highways is often less than 180kph.

What we need is the German equivalent of the autobahn - both on pavement and on gravel. But that'll never happen.

I re-discovered the joys of rallying again. The feeling of going much too fast around blind turns, then (almost) losing control of the car and (almost) getting up close and personal with the local flora while listening to loud German metal is fun. Really gets the heart pumping. *sigh* If only I could spend every Saturday that way. I don't want to destroy my car, especially since I probably wouldn't be allowed to have one ever again. But rush hour traffic at 50kph just isn't doing it for me. If I'm going to have a $20,000 car, I want to have the equivalent of $20,000 worth of fun with it.

Untiil that happens, I'll have to be satisfied with GT2. And perhaps I'll look into getting a couple of VHS tapes (remember those, people?) of Initial D to watch.

Back to the real world.

And what's new with Ming these days?

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