Wednesday, October 08, 2003

So I'm driving around, and I decide to drop into the Toyota dealership at about 9pm or so. Wanted to take a look-see at the new Echo hatchback. I take a look around back, checking to see if there're any Celicas to be seen. I see a low-profile white car, reminiscent of a Porsche I'd seen not too long ago. I drive a little closer. I realize that it can only be one car, if it has the Toyota badge on the front. It does.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fredericton dealer has a twin-turbo Toyota Supra. White exterior, black (leather?) interior. Covered VIN, so I can't tell the year. And I didn't check to see the transmission. But if it's a 6-speed....

By Silent_G - 10:11 p.m. |

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