Thursday, October 23, 2003

A: I don't mind Ming's mom. She had porn. It's his father that scares me. Not the man I want to meet in a back alley, no sir.

T: Ah, yes. I forgot about the "extras" that stand next to the cars. You know, if you were a REAL asian (like, say, living in Asia : ) you'd probably be benefiting from either low-cost asian girls or cheap trips to Tokyo Motor shows. Or both. Oh, and GT4 is nice too.

Let the race (riots) begin!

But if we'd never met, I'd never have known about anime, or about your hot newlywed cousin. (She's hot. Big rack.)

M: VHS, eh? I have that. Specifically, I have your old set. Would some future weekend work for you? Maybe a long Rememberance Day weekend? What better way to remember the fallen than to watch the animation of a country that had many...uh...fall?

Oh well, back to work.

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