Monday, October 27, 2003

Guiseppe is a happy monkey.

I met up with some more car fans on Sunday. We all agree it'd be good to have something on the go in Fredericton (especially they guy with the '88 prelude and his 4-wheel-steering), but it remains to be seen if anything happens. There are about 50,000 people in this city and about 6 of us would like to race around pylons. Oh well, we'll see how it goes. At least there's some mechanical knowledge among those I've met, so even if FMC doesn't set itself up as an official Solo-II group (or any other type of event), the people might be useful to know anyway. Most of them seem to be up for something, even if it's just to talk about cars over coffee. *shrug* Still, doesn't compare with Moncton, Halifax, or PEI. [/envy]

Most of the car mods I saw so far were cosmetic. Seat covers, tint, white gauges, shifter knobs, etc. Makes sense, I guess. Turbochargers and superchargers run about 6 grand. That'll buy a car. Oh, and they all have loud mufflers. C'est la vie. We'll see what happens.

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